1 character creation

the last thing I remember before I ended up in this void that seemed to be split down in the half one side being white and the other being black. The last thing I remember was that one of my best friend John was getting married and we were having his bachelor party I was drinking the most out of all of us because I sure hell was not going to let myself be the designated driver. then there was a bright white Flash in front of my face then next thing I knew I was here. I stayed silent as I looked around addicted to speak to myself.

" okay my old man always said Purgatory would reflect your soul and depending on the ratio you could tell where you were going to heaven or hell or at least that's what he believed in. but considering I am literally dead center split down the center between light and dark where the hell am I supposed to go?."

all of a sudden I heard laughing from at least two people from behind me I could tell one of them was a man and the other was a woman. as I turned around I saw if something I never thought I would see literally two beings made completely out of the color white and the other black the man was made out of the color white and was standing on the black half of this void well the other the woman was made entirely out of black standing on the white half. the man began to speak before I could say anything.

" before you start talking we're asking questions we are going to give you a brief overview of what you're going to be doing after all you're not dead you're being transported to a new world. but your body cannot stay the same because it will not be able to do things that natural bodies of that world can. which is like a game within that world with a system that shows your stats race abilities Etc any questions?"

I stayed silent for a bit but then I start to speak.

" what's the purpose of me being transported."

the woman decide to answer this question actually began to speak.

" you see we often transport people who have not lived a filling life. and as you can tell that is why you are here you will be able to choose your race since there is a large variety of different races you get to choose from after you choose your race you will then choose your equipment then you'll be set off to you New life."

the white figure began to speak.

" well that's normally case we typically give a person a selection of races depending on their soul you however are the first we have encountered with a fully 50/50 split between light and dark so I figured we would offer you a special race they are called 'The Fallen' they have no starting abilities passive or active and no spells not even race talents. which is why we will let you choose 3 talents 4 Passive abilities 4 active abilities and 5 spells. this is typically the standard array for all the races. you will soon see a panel covering all of the abilities traits and spells anyway you will start going through them and begin picking what you want of course all you have access to any information you will have access to about those things will be only equal to your level which you'll be a level 1 of course."

as the white being said this a large window box appeared right in front of me it had a lot of words and icons in the middle of it though there were the three tabs for talents passives actives and spells at the left of it I thought about it for a few seconds then I decided spells would be what I choose first since I could base my other things around it. I quickly picked up the tab labeled Magic as I looked through the Magics I noticed now at the bottom they were different categories I can look at it I decide to choose click on the summon category. as I was looking through the Spells there I found one that caught my interest it was called create Undead so I decided to read its description.

" create Undead: at level 1 the Castor can create a first circle on dead minion which includes skeletons, zombies, skeleton and zombie hounds."

I know that my head at this cuz this would be useful as I touch the icon I noticed as soon as I pull my finger away from it I could drag it as I pulled it off the panel if floated in the air with its information still up. I decided I would do this for all the spells that caught my interest and I can make a decision on which I want for the five spells I will start out with. and then look towards the category labeled as defense as I clicked on that tab I looked around the Spells and I found two spells that caught my interest. the first one was called wall of thorns the second one was called freezing mist. I start to read both of their descriptions.

" wall of thorns: create a wall of thorns in front of the Caster whenever anyone hits it with a physical Attack 5% of that physical damage is reflected back on to the attacker and has a 5% chance of causing the bleeding effect on the attacker as well."

I quickly dragged the wall Thorns off just like I did with the crayon dead spell then I turn my attention back to freezing mist.

" freezing Mist: create a small orb of condensed mist when fired an enemy it makes contact explodes into a massive cloud of frost energy any enemy and it will be slowed by 15% it has a 10% chance of freezing the enemy."

I start thinking about this spell even though it is pretty good so I decided to drag it off just like the other two spells then i turned my attention to the other categories. I then decided to click on the AOE category as a look through I saw an ability that caught my eye it was called poison mist.

" poison mist: has a range of 15 ft causes 25 damage every second for a duration of of 5 seconds."

I knew for a fact I was going to use this unless I end up facing a lot of Undead or creatures with poison resistance this would end up being really useful. so I decided that it would be the first spell I choose for my five. when I did that I decided I should look at what can I do with traits and passive abilities. as I quickly moved to traits I saw there is pretty large amount of talents I saw a Pacific talent that caught my eye it was called Double Trouble.

" double trouble: double the amount of constructs this includes necromancy and summoning Magic note that this does not affect companion bass spells."

this means I could get two skeletons for the price of one corpse. which made it extremely powerful count but of course is only works if I actually have magic that allows me to summon or that I have a necromancy spell which I do have a necromancy spell I quickly put that as one of my three traits so I decided to grab create Undead and put it on my spell second slot. then I've been found two additional trait that caught my interest the first being called storm howling and the second one was called Gale Glide. I started to read their descriptions just so I know what they did.

" storm howling: it was a buff to lightning base damage of 50% also grants a damaged decrease from lightning based damage by 75%. when struck by lightning based attacks attack speed and movement speed is increased by 80%"

I'd like to look at this one talent I immediately put it into my talent slots because that's incredible. if I know humans like I think I do they most certainly would be a lot of people using lightning based attacks because it's so awesome. well that at least is human thought process a lot of times. I definitely know all my buddy would definitely go lightning base builds but mainly because they did Faith Build in Dark Souls. and nearly everyone and their mother has played Dark Souls at least once. but besides that I decided to look at the description of Gale Glide.

"Gale Glide: give the user a high Affinity with wind bass attack increasing damage of such attacks by 50% makes you resist wind bass attacks by 75% but if you possess wings it will give you 100% resistance. make flying speed increased by 150%."

I just had a good smile on my face as I put this into my last talents slot as soon as it was put in I saw it disappear from directly in front of me and appeared a few feet away from me when I looked over I saw a figure with ethereal wings kind of reminds me of the wings from Diablo 3 that were attached to the angels except where they were black instead of blue or white. as I look at the details of the figure I noticed it looks exactly like me just with glowing eyes that were Gray as I focus on the eyes I saw I could change the color of the glowing eyes so I decided to change it to red and my hair color to white as I did with every Avatar I have ever had honestly I didn't know why I always made my avatar look like this it was just something I thought was how I always wanted to look at myself considering I was a albino in my life back on Earth I didn't decide on changing the skin color of the Avatar though.

I decide to look at passive skills as I went to this passive ability tab I immediately locked on to one Pacific passive skill by the name of vampiric Shield Bash so I decided to read its description like I did with all other things so far in this new life.

" vampiric Shield Bash: when you do damage to an opponent with a shield you will regain half of the damage as HP and the other half as MP."

I was planning on using a shield as my starting equipment so I merely chose this as my first passive ability. I didn't start to look for another one I seen found knowledge of a past life.

" knowledge of a past life: because you were mortal at one point you lost your memories when you became an angel but when you became a fallen you regained those memories. no do you will be choosing memories from your world of someone from the past."

I merely pick this as my 2nd passive ability because I knew exactly who I'm going to choose and that person is King Leonidas of Sparta. because that will get me an innate Talent of being a master of using a shield, sword as well a spear. I've already started to look for more passive abilities I found another one about five minutes later and it was called Serpent's fangs.

" Serpent's fangs: has a 50% chance of causing bleed on hit opponent will take 50 points of damage every 2 second note bleed stays on until opponent has either heal themselves through magic or a healing potion. or for the stacks have been used by inability to cause more damage"

I quickly put that as one of my passives of course I know this will only work on living creatures because they have blood and Undead don't. I don't think I will encounter Undead very often. with that passive I only have one empty passive slot left. as I look through the passes I noticed one called name.

" name: you name one of your summons or Undead constructs and it becomes a unique creature by calling its name you may summon it will gain increase stats and even possibly gain a unique ability and or treat it notes this will make the creature evolve by one stage. and if subject is given a title during its naming it will gear towards that such as if you name a creature and gift it the title of Paladin then it will grow toward being more of a paladin like path."

I just wanted to choose this is my last passive because it was pretty good and I could create a solid team of my subordinates not to mention they will be useful and I think I could always summon them back if they die. as I put it into the last passive slot the passive section disappeared and appeared next to the avatar. now I was left with spells and active abilities I had zero active abilities and two spells currently. so I decided to finish up with spells then I would focus all of my attention on active abilities. I looked over and grabbed the wall of thorns that I had still floating away from the box and put it into my third spell slot. I then decided that freezing Mist was not a spell for me. so I put it back in the box as I look through the spell tab for two more spells. soon I found a pretty interesting spell called binding Vines.

" binding Vines: Vine Sprout out from the ground to entrap and enemy has a 25% chance of causing the bleeding effect and also has 50% chance of stunning the enemy increasing the duration of the hold on the enemy. note if leveled up this may be able to affect multiple enemies."

this is pretty much a control scale weight control skills are extremely important when fighting large group of enemies so I decided to put it into my 4th spell slot. but then I started to look for a another AOE spell one with more direct damage. then I found one called Gaia's Fury.

"Gaia's Fury: in a area of 15 ft the ground will shake and Earth spikes will Jenna from the ground attacking a all enemies within the area does 175 damage and has a 25% of causing the crippled I effect."

with this I filled up the last of my spell slots and just like the other bars I filled up it disappeared and reappeared next to the avatar. I then looked at the last category the active abilities the first ability I looked at was called Shield wall.

" Shield wall: temporarily increases defense by 50% and Grant the buff strong footing."

this is useful so I put it in as my first active ability. as I look around the active abilities I saw one called bloody thrust.

" bloody thrust: attack with a thrifting weapon to cause massive damage to an enemy damage will increase by 5% for every stack of the bleed effect is on an enemy. it's base damage is 125. note the maximum amount of stacks for the bleed effect is 10."

I decided this would be my second active ability because it was good. as I looked for the last 2 active abilities I can have I decided I would be a little bit more picky with what I choose. I saw there was a search bar so I looked up active abilities with Shield bash in the name. and they were two of them I read both their names. heavy Shield Bash was the first name the second one was called Parry Shield Bash. I could tell which heavy Shield bass did it did a lot of damage so I just read the description of Perry's Shield Bash.

" Parry Shield Bash: when you time a Parry with this ability you do triple damage with your Shield Bash. note damage is based on the defense of your Shield."

as I read this I knew it was perfect for me because literally as I upgrade my shield it's defense get better and so will the damage. this means I would get a lot of HP and MP back with the talent of vampiric Shield Bash. so I quickly put this ability into my active ability third slot meaning I only had one slot left. if I start to carefully look through the active ability category I noticed one ability that caught my eye after about 10 minutes of looking it was called Guardian's charge

"Guardian's charge: the user ready their shield and weapon at the ready and charges at the enemy has a max charge range of 20 ft has a 25% chance of knocking an enemy prone( AKA on the ground). note based on your strength You may or may not be able to knock an enemy prone."

this would be very useful since I'm planning to be a warrior base character with a few useful spells I won't have to worry about strength that much. so I put it in as my last active ability. and just like the rest it disappeared and reappeared next to the avatar as I got up and started walking towards the Avatar I heard the man start to speak.

" oh I see you chose the knowledge of past life passive who are you going to choose?"

I Smile as I looked at him as I spoke.

"King Leonidas of Sparta. he was a great warrior who would spend his life in battle and he stand with the 300 Spartans who faced the Persian army."

the woman seems a little bit pissed at my choice but the man begins to speak.

" all right I've already looked through his memories just when you said his name smart move because of his memories you will automatically gain the spearmaster talent allowing you to one hand a spear without any penalties. though it won't do nearly as much damage as if you were holding it with both hands. which is fairly obvious because you're using only the force you are building up in one arm instead of two. and I'm supposing you're going to chew the spear and shield as your starting equipment. and before you ask yes you will not receive any armor besides the basic leather armor. other Warrior since you seem to focus your character around mostly battle instead of spell casting."

I knocked my head of him but then I heard the woman speak as I looked at the avatar.

" as much as I don't like you figure out a way to gain an additional Talent but I can approve of your ingenuity and cleverness but I must ask what will be the name you carry yourself Within this new life?."

I thought about it for a second but then I decided on a name.

" my name will be Artorias."

both of them seem to smile at my choice of name as they both looked at each other or not is white and black Energy service around me I heard their voice again but they both seem to be speaking in a way that makes you think they're both speaking at the exact same time.

" well then Artorias of the Fallen live your new life and may you find glory and live a fulfilling one."

when they finish saying I disappeared and reappeared in a dark alleyway as I look around I Heard a Voice.

" oh a new transfer and I don't think I've ever seen your race before either."

(image will help you imgine what a fallen would look like just with black wings.)

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