3 Soul 3: Reaper!!!

"A waltz a dream a dance with thee, my what a fine night this is" A playful voice spoke into the darkness. His voice was smooth and velvety. A chuckle floated on the wind before the delicate sound of a flute filled the space.

On his knees, Alibaba caught himself; He gasped for breath as Noah looked down on him with malice. His gaze was hateful and disapproving; his goal affixed eyes stared deep into Alibaba's soul.

"On your feet now!" Noah demanded his tone, low, harsh, slow, and distant from any kindness he ever showed. "If you wish to ever survive in this harsh world, you'd better stand on your feet now!"

"Gimme a Damn second," Alibaba spat before a severe, sudden kick connected against his jawline. Alibaba recoiled. Knocked down to his rump, he glared up at Noah. His brother folded his arms and shook his head. Kneeling, Noah grabbed Alibaba's shoulders and whispered.

"Listen, You need to be strong, no You have to be strong to survive this unjust world," he sighed, dropping his gaze to the floor. "I'm just trying to prepare you, Brother," Noah said, placing a hand softly on his brother's cheek. He smiled softly.

"Yeah, but I'm not strong. This sword doesn't do anything to help me," Alibaba said, whining like a child.

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"Not now at least" Noah rubbed his eyes, look, I have an important meeting with two Delegates soon; why don't you head home for the night? I'll collect you in the morning."

"Fine!" Alibaba stood up with a huff, and silently he left. In the cold evening air, the town seemed to come alive with night-time life. Streetlamps hummed as their amber light spilled into the street, Street side vendors buzzed with business as ambient chatter from seated patrons, ate their fast food in a rather slobbish manner. Raising their glasses, patrons would toast to surviving the workweek. Alibaba brought the black blade to his chest. Folding his arms around it, he clutched it as if he was embracing it.

"Oi, what's a matter, kiddo?" The blade asked softly. "Don't tell me you're getting sentimental on me?"

"I can't help it; I just feel all sad inside when I see people being friendly and happy with other people. It reminds me of my parents."

"Can't change the past, lad. All ya can do is look ahead to the future"

"Yeah, maybe you're right," Alibaba said, walking silently into the night. Suddenly the world went dark; the whole world seemed to stop as the sounds of a soft flute filled the air. The once lively and uproarious patrons slumped over into their bowls, glazed stares, and empty eyes. They were dead but undamaged. Alibaba quickly surveyed the area, panic filling his mind as the flute grew louder and louder.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!!!!!????" Alibaba screamed

"Oh no no no no, I missed one," A soft velvety voice cooed behind Alibaba. A man stepped from the darkness, he held a flute with a ginger grasp. A snicker on his lips and a condescending glare in his eyes. He wore a suit, it was black, contrasted with a white tie. He ran a hand through his hair. it fluttered in the wind, Dark, fluffy, soft and silky and down past his shoulders. He took a step slowly towards Alibaba tapping his chin with a playful wink. "My, My Could you be Reaper spawn perhaps?"

Raising Tokage and pointing it at the man Alibaba backed up, a startled panic hidden behind his eyes.


"I am David, I am a Reaper" He tapped his cheek with his flute, losing himself in thought. "Well one of several, I'm the Reaper of Dreams"

"What are you even doing here??!" Alibaba's voice cracked as fear swelled in his mind like a growing crescendo

"Well simple really I arrived with three of my commanders to find Reaper spawn" He brought his gaze to Alibaba's eyes. A sickening malice shot from David, flooding the area with foul intentions and bloodlust. "And it seems I found one"

"I'm just a regular g-guy, Y-yeah I have a magic sword but I'm no reaper"

"Correct, while you aren't a reaper you were bred by one"

"The Hell does that mean??"

"I'm not going to spell it out use your brain my boy" David pointed to the darkened skyline. "Utter calm, like a dream of peace wouldn't you say?"

"N-No I wouldn't, You killed those people!!"

"No no no dear boy I reaped them, big difference, us Reapers don't Kill or murder, we reap and send souls to be judged by Lord Ira"

"No!!" Alibaba shook with a tangible rage, his fear dissolved leaving only anger in its place. "You. Killed. Those. People! and I'll make you pay!" Alibaba raised Tokage and scowled. David doubled over in ecstatic laughter.

"You, defeat me? oh please dear boy a butter knife like that couldn't carve a single inch through my Reaper Hide"

"I don't care even If I die trying but I'll wipe that smug grin off your face"

"I implore you to try"

"Kid, are you sure you're ready for this kind of challenge?"

"I don't know and frankly its too late to back down now" Clutching the sword in his hands a courage began to build in his chest. it was a burning sensation. as if his heart and lungs were made out of nothing but fire. He took a deep breath steeling his nerves. He made one more declaration.

"If all you do is kill then all you Reapers are evil!"

"My kid very insightful maybe next you should tell 'im to recycle and shite" Tokage retorted.

"Will you butt out!"

"Such a childish view of the world, such weak views of justice, you must be a defective spawn"

"I won't be a reaper, not like you or anyone else who kill for fun"

"For Fun?"

"Yeah, you must get some kind of sick kick out of killing people?"

"I don't, now are we going to fight?" David said placing his hands in his pockets and walking up to Alibaba. He lifted a hand. Balled a fist and in a split second it connected with Alibaba's face. Alibaba took the punch and laughed, Blood running from his nose as a smile grew on his lips.

"You call that a punch My brother hits way harder than that?!"

"Oh you brat!"