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Read story is deleted for reupload novel written by the author Nullabutton on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, magic, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


WHY I'M REUPLOADING : 1) to enter the Spirity Awards 2021 contest 2) to try something new : instead of a massive wall of text, chapters will be broken down to chunks, a practice that seems to be the general norm in the webnovel format. here's the new link : https://www.webnovel.com/book/the-maiden-of-the-roseland-against-all-odds_19798980205277005


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One word, epic. This story is truly epic. Don’t let the Isekai tag fool you into thinking this is a ‘Light Novel’. While there are plenty of comic and light hearted moments that would fit right into an anime series, the way this story is written, the complexity and deliberation of the story and development puts it very much in the field of more traditional literature. It is a lucidly written fantasy novel in the vein of Lord of the Rings, accompanied by more than a few nods in the directIon of elaborate Japanese manga works. That is what really grabbed me here, the writing is professional but you can feel the author’s love of manga and animes as an ******* fan, which is evidently true when you also see that he wrote a Nanoha fanfic that’s hundreds of pages long. I absolutely love this story and wish I had artistic skills to draw this into a manga myself. The characters are lively and multidimensional yet consistent, which makes them really grow on you as chapters fly by. Although I gave this five star rating for every category as a review I feel compelled to present at least some criticism, which for me would be that the story meanders a lot and often branches into side adventures. To continue the anime analogy, if an anime is 12 episodes long and 3 episodes are side stories maybe that feels too much, but if it was a 100 episodes long on-going series and had 20 episodes of side stories that would be more than acceptable. It does seem that the author is hell bent on going that distance, so I’m thining that’s how things will turn out to be in the end and all these branching outs will melt in as ingredients that make the complete story richer. So please, don’t let this fizz out and end abruptly and I think it has potential to be an awesome story.


Really nice story. I have never read this kind of story till date. Amazing story, interesting characters and really great vocabulary.. Guys if you didnt read yet then give this story a shot. All the best auth 😊🤗


Wow, I must say I was caught with the first chapters, the medieval setting is truly well done. I just had to continue reading your story. It is very descriptive and the plot is excellent and very refreshing. I must say it is not the kind of genre I usually read but I was really impressed with the way the characters were designed. I should say that maybe it would be better for the reading experience to have shorter paragraphs, but overall the writing quality is superb. Keep up the good work author![img=recommend]


A wide world described through the impressive vocabulary of the author in a way that makes the story seems more than itself. The attention paid by the author to the detail is praiseworthy. The characters feel quite real and the interaction is quite nice to read. This is definitely something worth reading.


The story is descriptive, I like the flow of words. The MC's are interesting. This is my first time to try to read a novel with a mute MC. And it's a very good one. A great book you got here author. Great job.👏👏👏


The story is immensely well written with the only criticism being that some paragraphs need to be broken up to become smaller. I have to say, the first line of the book description made me laugh.


A nice start! You have large vocabulary of words that was shown in your novel in which I see it quite fun to read. I recommend you to read famous works like Harry Potter or lord of the rings to improve your work. Observing how they make a story while enjoying reading it and gaining insights on how to make a story that was like them. Your story will be gaining vast amounts of readers in the future so don't stop updating. BTW check out mine called Waking Up In Undead World. A slow start but quite enjoyable. Happy reviewing!


Interesting start. A goodie cookie, I can see the movements of the characters and imagine it in a quite vivid way. The author can still polish this more and make it shine more. Hmnn, let' see what can I help with. I humbly advice to avoid using purely uppercase in the titles of your chapter. It's somehow painful to the eyes. And declutter the long paragraphs to simplify the read and make it easy on the yes. Nevertheless, I'm gonna lurk in darkness when more chappies are release again. Mehehe. May the author write more, edit more, and learn more, maybe earn more also.


Good stuff right here, if you like medieval fantasy, I liked it, but not my kind of story to be hones I prefer fantasy in a more modern setting, but don't get me wrong this story is good but not the type of fantasy I like to read a lot, but from time to time I like to read to change the pace a bit. All in all it's a good story that I will come back from time to time and I want to see where the Author takes this


Shamelessly giving myself a 5-star review lol heck why not? I'm having ton of fun writing this story. So this may as well be my review on the writing activity itself, not the resulting work. Would give myself a full 5.0 score, but lately RL stuff have prevented me from updating weekly :( I am not a big fan of the practice of uploading a scene and calling it a chapter. Sorry but you will have to endure my wall of text that comes up every two or three weeks. Please note that, for the purpose of easy reading (and writing), forms of address intentionally follows the English system although I made it quite obvious that the story is set in a fantasy version of Medieval France. I'm very pleased with the two main characters and hope readers find Anna and Rene, as well as other characters, interesting and endearing. Please do feel free to comment, review, powerstone, etc. Thank you,


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