1 Guess i'm a wizard.

Weymouth, Dorset, England- 10th May 1991- 3 P.M

Minerva Mcgonagall was having a tough day, she had missed her lunch answering all the questions asked by her soon to be student Ms. Granger exhausting her mental strength, well its not something new, every year she gets one or two 'enthusiastic' *cough*overbearing*cough* muggle-born students and it was clear that Ms.Granger would make a fine Ravenclaw and bug poor Filius, well as long as she was not on her house. With these emotions she stood before her next headache no student's house, one Nathanial Storm, wishing for a mild-mannered, easily gullible student who can be awed to join Hogwarts with a few transfiguration tricks. Observing the state of the house which was a bit better than a rundown shack, she concluded that this one would be in need of a scholarship. Making up her mind she knocked on the door.

Her call was answered after a few seconds, which was reasonable, by a lean looking child whose face was devoid of baby fat, draped in what was clearly hand me downs, but it was without any wrinkles meaning it was properly ironed and neatly folded.

The child was slightly tall for his age had impressionable pale green eyes, high cheekbones, lush brown hair which was properly oiled and brushed. Had he worn wizarding robes she would have never guessed him to be a muggle-born, well that was up to debate. She was brought out of her musing when the child spoke

" Hello, are you here for mother?". The child was looking at her wizarding clothes with a curious expression, typical muggle-borns.

"Well, Mr.Storm I presume?' asked Minerva just to confirm.

"Yes, that would be me. How can I help you"

"Right, I am Professor Mcgonagall, Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts, a school for the gifted, I have come to offer you an invitation to this prestigious school. There is a lot to discuss with you and your parents, so shall I come in?" asked Minerva

The child just shrugged and moved aside inviting her in, the house was slightly bare with some old furniture but was polished clean.

"Please sit down, would you like some tea, Mother won't be home for a bit and even then she would be drunk enough to be invalid"

She was stumped by the bluntness of the statement for a bit but regained her senses and accepted the offer for tea as she sat on the sofa that had seen better days. She didn't have to wait long as the child served her some tea and biscuits, he sat across her waiting for her to finish the tea. Minerva looked around the house as she drank the not so good tea, there were no photos, no decorations and lacked what she called a woman's touch.

" Does your Mother often drink?, what about your Father dear boy?" asked Minerva not unkindly.

"Well I don't know my Father, my mother didn't remember how she got pregnant with me and got disowned from her family, but grandmother sometimes helps out financially. Mother hasn't taken that well, she managed to get a job at the local mart and works hard but the stress got to her, I am cared for enough, but I don't think that we could be able to afford your school." said the child in a mature manner, well she could understand that, life can be cruel and some mature faster than others.

"Well Mr. Storm have you experienced some weird, unexplainable things from your younger days," asked Minerva.

The child suddenly assumed a guarded expression

"No," he said without any visible emotions in his face, had she not known better she would have attributed that to occlumency.

" There is no need to be afraid Mr. Storm, I did say that my school is for the gifted didn't I?. Also, you don't have to worry about the fees, we do give scholarship to the truly deserving students" said Minerva with a kind smile as she took out a letter and gave it to him.

The child opened the envelope unhurriedly and went through it casually. After a few seconds...

"Can you prove it? a small demonstration perhaps?" asked the boy

Minerva stood up and took out her wand and gave it a wave transfiguring the old sofa into a better one permanently, she turned to see his reaction and here effort was rewarded, the child was impressed.

The child went near the sofa and started to examine it, he ran his fingers over the velvet edge of the sofa with a small smile on his face. Well, hook, line, and sinker it is.

"I would very much like to learn but I do need to speak to my mother, I am not sure if she would allow me. What would happen if she were to deny me permission?" asked the boy with a worried look.

" It would be truly regrettable Mr.Storm, if your mother were to deny permission to attend Hogwarts and you are not enrolled in any ministry-approved school by the time you complete 12 then both of you will be obliviated, that is your memories of this interaction will be wiped and your magic will be bound for life and you will continue to live about in the muggle world. See we have what you would call a statute of secrecy, our world is hidden in plain sights from the muggles and it had been like that ever since the witch hunts and burning. We could never compromise that statute, which is severely punishable by wizarding law." replied Minerva with a stern yet not unkind face emphasizing on the punishment part.

The child visibly gulped, well he couldn't be blamed, wizards are a cruel bunch.

"Well, when can I give you my answer? it says to mail you through owl and I don't have one." inquired the child.

"Next week I will be taking your fellow muggle-borns witches and wizards to get your school supplies, it would be nice if your mother were to be present to give her permission in person on Monday at 12 Noon, no need to owl me your response." Even as she said that she had a fleeting thought whether he was a pureblood's bastard because she could see a faint resemblance. The thought vanished as quickly as it came.

The child just nodded.

It was truly regrettable to not meet the child's parent today but she could come back next week for the confirmation. After saying her piece she bid farewell and showed herself out and apparated away when no one was looking.

***********************************************Nathan's POV*****************************************

I was not always Nathanial Storm, I lived under a different name, a different life in a different time. As far as introductions go I was a yoga master teaching the techniques that I learned during my travels in my studio. Life was good until I decided to perform one ancient meditation method where one steadily lowers their breathing, heartbeat and going into a calm trance, well I must have performed it spectacularly coz I am dead now. It was all dark first but then came the light, the pressure on my body was so huge that I screamed, my vision was blurry but my hearing was good and I picked up some conversation spoken in English by the gigantic figures before me. That's it I have died and went to heaven surrounded by gods, titans but my line of thought was disturbed as I felt like being washed, and covered in a huge blanket and passed over to someone. Realization struck me like a brick when a huge tit was shoved in my mouth, I have become a friggin baby, I didn't know what to do but thankfully the young body of mine automatically started to feed itself allowing me to contemplate my fate. You may ask me how my childish brain could have handled such complex thoughts or how I was reborn with my memories intact, well I could think of only one word MAGIC. (That means we will never know). Further thoughts became groggy as I was full and sweet sleep overcame me.

Timeskip 11 years, 10th May 1991, 5.00 A.M

The alarm went off waking me from my sleep, I got up slowly from my twin bed, I looked at my old sellotaped digital alarm, today was my 11th birthday, well if my observations of my life till now were true then today was the day my Hogwarts letter would arrive, I was genuinely excited.

My childhood(2nd one) was not remarkable, I didn't show off my impressive knowledge nor did I try to talk and walk before 1 and half years so that I didn't raise any suspicion. It was 2019 when I died but it was currently 1982 when I first saw a newspaper in this life. Nothing gave me a hint of what I really was until my 2nd year here.

I shared a house with only my mother, who was fairly young and beautiful, I would say 17ish, well I didn't see any male in the house apart from me so my dad either died or left us. I would some times see a middle-aged woman visiting us from time to time, and always that night my mother would cry herself to sleep. My mother was not the most intelligent woman who did odd jobs to get us through, but after a year or two from my birth she got into drinking, it put a hole through our already meager savings, but nonetheless, she always fed me thrice. My clothes and toys were obviously bought at a thrift shop, I didn't mind though. My first experience with magic came when my mother was passed out drunk and forgot to feed me this happened when I was still in my crib, I cried till I could no more when suddenly the bottle with the baby formula flew towards me, the bouts of accidental magic started from then on various occasions, like when a dog chased me and nearly bit me, I was afraid and frustrated at my lack of strength when the dog was sent flying, I surmised that it was a strong banishment charm as the dog comically disappeared like team rocket. These things happened too many times to be coincidental and it confirmed my theory of living in the Potter universe. Does that mean J.K.Rowling was the god here, just to be safe I offered her a prayer along with other deities out there.

When I turned 5 my mother took more jobs as I started to become semi sufficient, it brought in some much-needed money, she took me to the store she worked and I could play around with things as long as I behaved, she didn't have to tell me twice, because I was a grown man in a child's body, I didn't want to anger a drunkard I was sharing my living space with.

Around this time I learned lots of things about my current life from the drunk rants of my mother, she went to concert when she was 16 and didn't remember anything during the said time, 3 months later she found that she was pregnant and her family was not so forward and disowned her, but grandmother secretly kept contact with my mother and provided some funds to tide over harsh times. But that too stopped after my mother's descent into alcoholism.

I concluded that I was some wizard's bastard, due to the whole obliviation situation and my own accidental magic, that coward thought he could just get away did he, well he has another thing coming. I didn't feel particularly attached to my mother, but I will have my revenge on that douchebag for her and steal his family inheritance(that's for me). Once I become reasonably powerful, finding him and exacting revenge will be easy as the wizarding population was only around 15000 or so, I only had to bid my time.

On a wonderful note( Sarcasm....buuzinga), I will be in the same year as the golden trio and have my education fucked up due to Voldemort, the stupid ministry and good for nothing dumbles. If I get sorted into Gryffindor then I would have to deal with Snivellus too. Well, I didn't give a damn about any of them as my character was not even alive to be present in the story, well I changed that so let us wait and watch. I would only concentrate on my education and strengthening myself, well I could make some exceptions if it were to my advantage.

As for my magical training I did try to do wandless magic but I had to bring about strong emotions to achieve such things, well it was not impossible but still difficult, so before any wandless magic, I decided to strengthen my body and mind.

The mind part was easy, I had the experience and patience to empty my mind of stray thoughts and focus on a particular emotion, even though it did take me some time.

As far as strengthening my body goes I hit a dead end, I was poor and the food I ate was not that nutritional, you know how the saying goes, Body, Mind, and Spirit.

After my 8th birthday I started to take on some jobs from the neighborhood like delivering newspapers, mowing the lawns, it took some effort but I was able to buy some protein bars that the doomsday prepper stashers and military used, I consumed one per week as an additional supplement to my diet. I didn't play with the other kids but I did run around the playground and use the monkey bars, which gave me much needed exercise and would allow me to keep up my physical and mental health.

I couldn't do elaborate magic tricks wandless, I could use a banishment, summoning, and incendio wandless but one of each was my limit and I would most likely pass out at the point, so not too shabby, I didn't have a benchmark to measure my progress, but the more I used the more easily my magic came, I didn't have any super duper abilities like metamorphmagi or parseltongue or eidetic memory, I checked.....

After my entire second life flashed through my mind, I got up from my bed and decided to cook some breakfast, because today was a special day.

The day got even better as Minerva Mcgonagall was standing outside my door at about 3 p.m, I was fangirling inside but years of yoga helped me project an uninterested facade outside.

It was better than the letter being delivered by an owl and I talked to the fictional person in flesh, it took me all my will power not to laugh like a madman and schooled my expression to appropriate levels of surprised, confused and thoughtful expressions during the conversation.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't afraid when I learned what would happen if I failed to attend Hogwarts. Well, I made up my mind to convince mother nonetheless, even if I have to perform some wandless magic before her.

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