1 The Jonathans Story

Once upon a time , there was a Man at the time of World War II.

The person was Named Jonathan String. Jonathan was Living in USA but he was a businessman he was most of time on travel. once he was traveling to Hiroshima in Japan .

he decided to stay in his own Guesthouse in Hiroshima . which was known as Jonathan Guesthouse .

the people were very impressed to meet Jonathan String . when people meet Jonathan they argued with Jonathan. Jonathan said" What is The Matter? "

a Man from Crowd replied " we Know that you are A businessman but you can't stay here because you are an American "

Jonathan replied "please don't judge me that soon. I also hate war ".

But people was very aggressive and and they didn't let Jonathan to Stay. When Jonathan was disappointed he accepted and decide to leave The Hiroshima. The other Day was THE BLACK DAY . I mean 6 August 1945 . the Weather Was foggy and The day was so calm . but people doesn't know that the Tsunami of The Death will Come and Erase them as a word on the Blackboard . That morning Jonathan was Busy to Packing his Things . Jonathan saw a person which was coming from the Militaries Base. The person was yelling and screaming "leave ,leave we must die"

Jonathan stopped the person and asked what happened . The man said "our city will be blasted in a few hours by American AirForce "

Jonathan said "We Must help people " . The man said "No, everyone must save there selves "

But Jonathan didn't accept his speeches. Jonathan collected 47 families and Fit all of them in his own business train . Jonathan escaped with train from Hiroshima when he found a big cave in a mountain 50km away from Hiroshima . Jonathan stopped the train and said "all people get off and run to that cave ". all people did it . but Jonathan returned to Hiroshima to save other families . When Jonathan String arrived to Hiroshima This time he fixed other 50 families .Jonathan was about to leaving but unfortunately the Hiroshima Blast happend and also Jonathan was Died .

the people In Hiroshima now they are praying for Jonathan every Year . and many people are very regretful for there bad manner with Jonathan String

MORAL= Don't judge everyone by his style by his land and many more because that is you which gets harmed .


like for other story <LOVE YOU ALL >