1 chapter 01 vol 01 Far away

It's December and in this cold weather i can feel you more far away from me..

Now sitting in the balcony a sudden thought passed from my mind

"How long has it been, How long"

May be when I was just 12 years Old and Now I'm 19 ....Still in love with You and still so far away from You

"Four Years ago"

Today i woked up and was going to get ready for my school and then my Father called me

father:suk-chin-aa !!!

i went down stair i thought he was calling me for breakfast

suk-chin: yes father

father: Today i can't pick you up from school ,So yong-rae hyung will pick you up.

(After listening to this i felt happy and nervous at the same time ..what will i do when he came to pick me up ,Now how Am i suppose to focus in school because all time I'm gonna look at the clock

And i said) : father , I'm a man!! i can come home by myself . There's no need to disturb yong rae hyung.

(After saying this deep down i was wishing that father please don't stop yong rae hyung from picking me up)

Father: (slightly looked at me and said)No , he said he will pick you up after school ..so go and just get ready for it..

It's always been like this I really don't like seeing my father so busy but still i wish him to get busy with work so i can meet with yong rae hyung

After going to school

All time My eyes was on clock and I was waiting for school to end and then I can stand infront of gate to see him..Not knowing I was smiling like an idiot while thinking about him and a suddenly i got a slapped on my head from my bestfriend

kim jeong: Hey suk chin !!! what are you thinking?

I looked at him and he looked really pissed because i wasn't talking to him all day and thinking about hyung..

suk chin: hey I was just thinking about going home ..I am feeling really tired today

( He putted his face infront of me and said)

kim jeong:why are you on mensuration or something

and i slapped him hard after listening to this shit

Finally school ended and Now I'm walking from class to the main gate and as i take another step I'm getting thousand of different feelings in my body i can't even explain and a big smile is on my face and my Mind start asking me questions while i started running:

Why?? why is it like this..How can someone make me feel like this just by standing at my school gate ? just by picking me up? are you insane? or an idiot ...With these questions running in my brain still after feeling like an idiot I can't stop my feet from running toward him...

(see you guys in next chapter 2 vol 01)

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