Still waiting for youStill waiting for you

Still waiting for you

by liliposa

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Destined ones?? Ofcourse everyone has one... for you maybe they are just beside you or maybe it's someone you haven't met yet...Everyone has one in their life and no matter how, when and where you met them but one thing is for sure and that is, your life will become lovely after their visit in your life... As for what to do till then??... don't be sad, just read some web novels...haha So here comes the important question : What if...you lost them...with your own good reason... Sia and Zane loved each other... but Zane had done something unforgivable to Sia... and so they fell apart and were practically a stranger to each other... since then, they lived in darkness because their light in the life was gone... Destiny decided to put them together again but... something unexpected happened... Was that a good or a bad thing??

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