1 The Start

Life seems normal, but as soon as you take a closer look. They will always remain a mystery. But even so life is a great thing, and it should be something that you tresure, along side with your family and friends. At least that what I thought.

I lived in a small city near the south sea, where humans and monster comes together and live in harmony.

I was an orphan, abandoned by my parents when I was born. My aunt and uncle were force to look after me, since they were the only family I have left.

They never loved or cared for me, I loved along side with their two child. Nolle, and Merida.

My uncle and my father were close, so he was the only one truly looking after me. And thanks to him I wasn't threw into the shed.

At the age of 10, my uncle died due to a unknown disease. During the funeral, my aunt would blame me for the cause of his death.

"You ungrateful b****!! It because of you! You cursed my husband!!!" My Aunt screamed.

And her children would follow her lead.

"This is all because of you!!" Nolle shouted while holding onto Uncle's hand.

Merida walked slowly towards me and said, "You killed my Father, this is all because of you. YOU KILLED HIM!!"

She shaked me and soon pushed me down to the ground, telling me to never go near my the house ever again.

They all left me alone in the rajn, and told me to walk, if I wanted to go home.

Ever since then, I was thrown into the shed, and no one was ever allowed to go in or out. The only time when a person would enter is to bring me food.

The food were never great, it was nothing but old rice and black beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I would remember sitting in the corner, praying for my mother and father to come and save me.

"Mother...Father, where are you..." I yelled.

"Uncle..he... always says great thing about you..." I shed a tear.

"He always say how happy you were when I was in mother stomach.." I Cried

"Where did you go..." I welp.

I waited..and soon fell asleep, I cried louder than anyone that night.

I still remember the feeling I had back then, just sitting there waiting for a savior.