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Steps to Legend


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Lu Fujin a boy who loved anime and video games had a weak body since childhood and knew he would die young. When he died he was reborn in the body of Shen Hua, a 12 year old boy with no talent for cultivation and no support. In a world where people control the elements he will have to fight to survive and get stronger. "Please don't kill me, I'm your brother, you wouldn't kill your brother, right?" desperate Shen Mu begged his brother to let him live. "Kill you? How could I will do that, I'm not a monster." Shen Hua smiled kindly at his brother. 'Wait I'll make you pay for making me beg something of you.', Shen Mu can't help but rejoice at the idea of ​​revenge against his brother. Seeing his brother's eyes and with the same smile, Shen Hua continued "Why would I kill you? You're so handsome and delicate, I'm sure many brothels will want to buy you for a good price. Take it from here." Shen Mu was dragged out while cursing his brother. "Bring the next." Google Cover Image, Creator Credits