4 Mr. Lu, You're Fired

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At the hospital.

Tang Wenyi gritted her teeth as she watched her son enter the emergency room. "It's all that bastard's fault! If it weren't for him, my son wouldn't have been hospitalized and his life wouldn't be in danger!"

Clearly, she did not think that there was anything wrong with her attitude. If she had been slightly better, things would not have deteriorated.

Venting her anger was not enough for her. She looked at Lu Yaohua, who was sitting on the waiting chair, and gave his shoulder a nudge. "Hubby, think of something! Our son passed out from anger because of that kid! He even slapped me!"

She touched her face tenderly.

"I don't know when I'll be able to nourish my face back to what it was. My friends will definitely mock me when they see it! What a bastard! If I had known, I wouldn't have given that money back then!"

She wished that she had let both mother and son starve to death on the streets—the ungrateful ingrates!

"What's the point of saying all this now?" Lu Yaohua said.

At the thought that his younger son was in the midst of emergency treatment, Lu Yaohua wished he could skin Lu Ming alive!

"We haven't seen each other for a few years, yet that kid doesn't even care about our past relationship at all. I think he must have learned bad things from Wenfang!

Don't worry, I won't let him have it easy!"

Even though he was furious, he did not forget to reassure Tang Wenyi. After all, the Tang family had helped his company grow to what it was today.

Tang Wenyi said, "You'd better get the bastard's kidney quickly! My son won't be able to wait any longer."

At the thought of Lu Ze wailing in pain, her heart felt like it was cut by a knife.

If Lu Yaohua could not get the kidney, she intended to do it. After all, there were many ways to make people disappear without a trace in this world.

A hint of ruthlessness flashed across her eyes.

Lu Yaohua was deep in thought and did not notice anything wrong with his wife. He said, "I'll be quick."

The two of them talked as if they were discussing which chicken to kill, without any feeling.

Lu Yaohua felt that Lu Ming was living too well. That was why he was unmoved when faced with temptation.

Some people were born to pursue wealth and honor.

Then there were some who were content with a small fortune.

To deal with Lu Ming, he only needed to make the other party lose his source of income and then make him lose his place of residence. Finally, he would have no choice but to live on the streets.

If he were to negotiate again, the other party would definitely not reject him.

At that time, even the heart wouldn't matter, let alone the kidney.

Lu Yaohua smiled.

Since Lu Ming refused to comply when he was being nice, he should not blame him for becoming uncivil!

Dr. Chen walked out of the emergency room and said, "Your son's condition has stabilized. He should regain consciousness soon."

"Very well. Sorry to trouble you."

Tang Wenyi said politely.

After knowing that Lu Ze was fine, Lu Yaohua excused himself and left the hospital.

He got into the luxury car, took out his phone and dialed a number. "Hello, Old Liu."

On the other side was the CEO of Wanke, East China region, Lu Ze's affiliated company. He had done an investigation before, so he knew which company that kid was working at.

As it happened, he had a good relationship with this CEO Liu.

"Old Lu? Why would a busy man like you be calling me? Are you inviting me for tea?"

A chuckle came from the other end.

Lu Yaohua replied, "Let's postpone the tea. I want to ask you for a favor."

"Oh? What is it? You actually need to trouble me?"

The person on the other end asked curiously.

"I'd like you to fire someone for me."

"Who? Someone from my management must have offended you for you to make such a big fuss."

CEO Liu frowned and asked cautiously.

He still had a partnership with Lu Yaohua. If he rejected him now, he might lose more than he gained.

Lu Yaohua liked his fawning ways. He said, "He's just a junior employee. His name is Lu Ming. I hope that you will fire him and take back the apartment that your company assigned to him."

Actually, Lu Ming's senior had helped him apply for the apartment.

After all, if he wanted to stay in an apartment arranged by the company, he would have to go through a half-month review. Lu Ming's senior had arranged for him to live in the apartment within three days through her connections.

CEO Liu instinctively linked Lu Ming and Lu Yaohua's names together. "They both have the surname Lu. Can it be that they are father and son?" he pondered.

He recalled the rumors in the past.

He thought to himself, "No wonder Lu Ming is living such a miserable life."

The reason why he could remember Lu Ming so quickly was because of his outstanding work ability. Back then, he had thought that he should be promoted soon.

However, he felt that no matter how capable Lu Ming was, he should not go against Lu Yaohua.

So he readily said, "No problem, he's just a junior employee."

"Thank you, then. I'll treat you to tea next time."

With that, Lu Yaohua hung up the phone. He curled the corners of his lips smugly. Lu Ming was still too inexperienced to go against him!

After a while, the chauffeur stopped the car in front of a five-star hotel.

Lu Yaohua entered a private room in high spirits. In order to teach Lu Ming a lesson, he had specially invited all the influential locals!

He cut to the chase and handed Lu Ming's file to them. "I invited all of you here today because I want to tell you not to hire this person. If anyone does, it will be going against me.

I think everyone here is smart enough to know what to do, right?"

Those people responded hastily, "Understood, understood."

It was not as if they were tired of living and wanted to go against Lu Yaohua for a stranger.

Moreover, the request was very simple.

One of them asked curiously, "Old Lu, how did this person offend you? Is there a need to bother with a little devil?"

This reminded Lu Yaohua of how Lu Ming had called him a beast previously. His gaze instantly turned dark.

How could he tell him that he had been humiliated?

Then he said coldly, "Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. Just remember what I said just now."

"Hahahaha, who would dare to not give you face!"

That person teased.

The next day.

The moment Lu Ming arrived at the office, he was the center of attention.

Of course, they were all gloating.

He had a strange sense of foreboding. It was not until he was back in his seat that he noticed a note on the desk.

At first, he thought it was a prank, so he asked his colleague beside him, "Who wrote this?"

The colleague explained, "The Human Resource department placed it on your desk this morning."

After confirming that it was written by the Human Resource department, he looked at the note in his hand in a daze.

It read—"Mr. Lu, you're fired."

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