2 Dinner

Surely everyone heard what she said but kept quiet for now. Kiara went up to her room, tracing the L-shaped staircase's railing while remescising the past. Her room was on the 1st floor left to Aiden's room while Carl's room was on her left. There was also an attic on the second floor which consisted of all their old things.

After placing her luggage which consisted of two suitcases on her bed, and a small laptop bag on her bedside table,she looked around her room which she was seeing after 6 yrs. She felt nostalgic all of a sudden seeing that the things were as she had left them that time. Her bed, the bedside table as well as the posters of the idols she liked were as she had left them. Opening the door to the washroom she saw her favorite brand of shampoos and conditioner sitting above the washbasin. "Guess mom went to shop for these after knowing I was coming back" Kiara exclaimed, shaking her head with a slight smile on her lips.

After everything was settled down, Kiara was taken to the dinning table for lunch. Anna, her mother had prepared a big meal for her daughter who had come after 6 years. It was a normal dining table which consisted of six chairs. Kiara was seated in between Carl and Aiden while her parents sat opposite to them.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" asked her stepfather.

Kiara who was drinking water almost spurted it out and started coughing. Aiden who was quite all along had his ears at alert but pretended not to be interested in their talk.Everyone at the dinning table except aiden looked at her while she wiped the little water which fell."Well not that i know of...." 'oops what the hell did i just say!!' "ummm what i mean is no, of course i don't have one....".Sensing her wierd reaction Aiden turned to look at her and at that moment their eyes met."Well we thought we heard you say ' I love you' so....."Charles said again.

"haha dad we talk like that all the time. And we are like bffs so, not a big deal"and she shrugged it off . Aiden was watching her intently the entire time. "Okay if you say so" then they started chatting about random topics of their childhood and the meal ended blisfully for Kiara. When she was asked about job she just said that she's working as a stock market consultant and that she will talk about this topic later.As she had work to do she excused herself and started to go up to her room.