1 6 Years

Kiara was standing at the doorsteps of her home to which she had returned to after 6 years. These 6 years of her life had changed her for the best.

Kiara mumbled "Can i go back ?" Just as she mumbled, the front door creeked and then came out a small boy around 8 year old."Sis you are finally back!!!!".This is Carl, Kiara's little brother. He had eyes like her mother but the rest is all her stepfather. While she is a total copy of her mother except the eyes, guess that came from her biological father. Charles Evans is a good man who had won kiara's heart, before her mom and he got married. He had treated kiara like his own daughter. "Woah woah woah slow down young man! And hi to you too you little pumpkin!" said kiara, she giggled as his nose scruched up."I'm not a pumpkin! hmppph!"this is carl acting all spoiled and cute."Ok ok i won't call you pumpkin (I'll have to hunt for another name again hahaha). "Come on let's go in, everyone's waiting for you inside, Lets give them a surprise!".

Carl being Carl always loving and longing for his sister had waited at the window all day long till he saw his sister at the front door. He did not even tell his parents and just rushed to the front door to be the first one to greet his precious sister.

As they reached the door her mom Anna greeted her with moist eyes when she opened the door. Beside her was Charles her stepdad standing with a smile on his face. They both gave her a tight hug for almost five minutes to which she responded as she also missed them a lot except...

When they retracted from their hug she was wiping on her tears that had unknowingly come out. When she looked up she froze, there he was, the cause of all her change. He seemed to only see her at that moment after 6 years of loneliness, but that's not what kiara thinks.

Kiara took in a deep breath and gave him a smile,"Long time no see brother". she thought 'this is what you wanted so now, take it!'."Hi"said Charles's son - Aiden, and then proceeded to do his routine as usual as if kiara had not just come after 6 years.

He went to the kitchen and came out holding a water bottle. All of a suden there was a loud ringing sound. Kiara took a look at her phone and had a change of mood which did not go unnoticed by Aiden,as he was intently watching her as if seeing a different person. "I have to take this call....sorry ", saying this she took a few steps away from them. After picking up the call she frowned and started rubbing her temples. "Just to remind you, i am on a leave for a few days and I'm not expecting any work for now" there was silence for a few seconds " are you serious right now.....ughhh fine! bye" kiara said but before ending the call the person on the other side said something to which kiara responded with a smile then said " love you too" and then hung up. After hanging up she gave a big sign which her parents noticed, and they had obviously heard her talking just now. "Dear, any problems?" asked her mom who seemed worried. "Oh nothing mom, just work" kiara said shrugging her shoulders.

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