I changed into my favorite blue nightwear and went downstairs with a white envelope,

"I want to tell you a news aunty," I said with my head down

"Same here Y/N" she sighs as she kept our food on the dinning-table

"I will go first," I said as I handed the envelope to aunt"

"What is this?" she asked as she opened the envelope

"I finally got the scholarship for my dream high school," I said as I smiled a little

"that's great news dear!!!" aunt exclaimed as she read the letter which came from there

"but that school is in Seoul and we would have to shift there if I have to attend my school," I said as I kept my head down.......

I and aunt lived in Busan in a small house' I have grown up here, aunt work as a P.A in a small company, so she gets less salary but we were satisfied because that money was enough for our needs and shifting to Seoul is going to coat a lot of money

I didn't want to force her because where I am today it was all because of her

"I am not forcing you, aunty I know it's going to cost a lot of money to shift," I said as I lowered my head fiddled with my fingers, little did I know that my aunt was jumping from excitement

"I got a promotion and I have work in a different branch and guess what that branch is in SEOUL!!!!" my aunt said happily

"Really?! congratulations aunt," I said happily as I hugged her

"you too dear and now we both have a good reason for shifting to Seoul," she said happily and hugged me back

"but what about the money," I said as I broke the hug

"don't worry about that my company has arranged it and you know what they also gave us a house!!"

"Really that's great news," I said as I smiled

"yes now after eating we will start packing because the movers and packers are coming the day after tomorrow," aunty said as she started eating

"What!! This soon??!! My friends can't even give a farewell party" I said as I pouted

"I am sorry dear but they said I have started my work as soon as possible so I had no other option" she showing me a sad smile

"it's ok aunty, I will explain them our situation but at least can I have a small meet up with them tomorrow," I said while showing my puppy eyes

"Sure why not," she said while chuckling

"thank you so much you are the best," I said as I pecked her cheeks

"I know right?" she jokingly added

"aunty!!" I wined

"Ish!! This girl Eat fast and start packing your things or else" she said in a stern voice

"ok-ok calm down," I said as I continue eating my food

As I finished my dinner and kept the plate in the sink and started heading towards the stairs but then I saw aunt talking with someone on phone I found it weird because she was smiling like a high-school girl who is talking to her crush

"Aunty??" I said as I saw her flinch

"you ok aunty?" I asked concerned

"ye-yes de-dear I am o-ok d-don't wo-worry go p-pack you-your things," she said while shuttering and smiled awkwardly

"if you say so," I said and went upstairs

"WEIRD," I thought as I reached my room

Well I didn't give it much thought as I was busy packing my stuff

As I was taking out some of my things which were under the bed I soon spotted a small Grey box I took it out dusted away the dust and after seeing the label my eyes glistened with tears

"MY OPPAS" was written in bold capital letters

I sniffed and opened the box there was a cherry bracelet with 7 golden cherries and one big red cheery in the middle, a handmade pink bracelet, a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant and an old photo of me and my brothers smiling, I smiled a bit seeing the photo, don't worry OPPAS I will find you all soon I said as wiped my tears, having a last glance at the things I closed the box and kept it in the carton in which my other things were stored.