"Aunty I am home!!" I shouted while taking off my shoes

"I know that honey no need to shout" my aunty calmly told from the kitchen while cooking

"hmm~ something smells good!" I said as I back-hugged her

"yes it's your favorite dish" she said while closing the utensil's lid

"thank you very much you know me the best don't you" I smiled as I pecked her cheeks

"if not me then who will know you hmm?" she said while turning towards me

"no one!!" I said as she chuckled not even your brothers?

As she said that I put my head down while fiddling with my fingers

"hey don't lose hope you will find them someday"

She said as I raised my head up as she said that

"Really?!" I said happily and she nodded her head in respond

I happily hugged her "yes I will find them soon"

I said as I broke the hug

"yes you will now go fresh up I have to tell you good news," she said while smiling

"Same here," I said as went to my room to fresh up

Ok let's have some introduction

My name is Kim Y/N well it's Lee Y/N now, I am 16 years old and I live with my aunt who adopted me

Well I had my parents and my 7 loving brothers

We really loved each other and were living happily but one day one of my father's enemy attacked him as he was a mafia


I was only 7 back then, they shot my mom in front of me and my brothers that was a devastating moment, our house was on fire I was with my two big brothers who were protecting me but suddenly a big chandelier fell down separating us, my brothers were on the one side and I was on the other

"Run Y/N!!! Save yourself" I nodded my head as no...tears were streaming down my eye

"please Y/N go save yourself please we beg you"

But I don't want to leave you op—I cut off when another chandelier fell on me

But lucky I dogged it and ran outside the back door because I was scared to death

Our house was in between of forest area so I kept running barefoot, thorns and stone were hurting me but I didn't care until my feet gave up, I started feeling heavy and I fainted next day I woke up and found myself in a cozy room, bandages were all over my body, I was about to stand up but the door opened and there came a kind looking lady and she was my aunt

"oh dear don't get up you are still hurt here, have some warm milk it will help you recover fast"

I drank the milk quickly as I was hungry

Now tell me dear where are your parents, why were you in the forest, buy hearing the questions I started crying and hugged her

"The-they kill-killed my mom-mommy," I said while crying

"What happened dear can you tell me everything?"

I told her everything and how I ended up in the forest

-Y/N's aunt P.O.V-

I was devastated my hearing Y/N's story and decided to adopt her as I had no husband nor child, for first three years she was traumatized so I always gave her hope that someday she will find her brothers and it helped her a lot

she grew up to be a beautiful and obedient child and I don't regret a bit for adopting her she was like my own daughter

-Y/N's Present P.O.V-

I was great full to my aunt who is like my own mother and took raised me like her own child, I still had some stuff which I kept in the memory of my family especially my brothers because they were very dear to me

most of my childhood memories were blurred due to my traumatization but I still remembered some beautiful memories we made together.

Thinking of that day still makes me sad but I didn't lose my hope and I will find my brothers one day...

" Hello guys Author Nim here so this is my very first ff, I hope you all like it"

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