1 Greek God

It was Friday and everyone was excited for the weekend, while some were planning what to do on their days off eager to end their shift, others were just trying to get over with the day without thinking so much about it. Luther was one of the latter, thinking about this while having a conversation with his grandfather.

"Luther, I am not going to repeat myself twice," Said the elder while sitting on a desk, with his legs crossed, moving an expensive pen that he was holding as he spoke, and with a cold and bossy voice he commanded to the man in front of him.

"You're already thirty years old and you're still-"

"I'm twenty-nine. I turn thirty in eight months, grandfather."

When he was about to end his sentence he was interrupted by Luther, who was wearing a three-piece dark gray suit, an ocean blue tie, and black leather shoes. His hair was styled to the side, giving him an elegant look. The whole attire belonged to the latest collection of Jean Claude one of the most exclusive and famous designers in the industry. He said with a stoic face not intimidated by the elder's impressive presence, not everyone would show such disrespect to this man; Mao Xin Yi, one of the most powerful CEOs in the country. Owning more than half of the city.

There was silence in the office for a few seconds and the air turned cold as the Antarctic. His grandfather stopped moving the pen on his hand and fiercely looked at him.

"You're a disrespectful and spoiled young man." He said, with a low angry voice and put the pen down.

"As I said, if you don't get married when you turn thirty this year I will disown you, and all your efforts in the past eight years will go to waste." He glared at him. "Even if I have to go to the end of the world to find a suitable heir, I will do it."

They were quiet for a few minutes, and it felt like an eternity to both secretaries that were standing still on the side listening to the conversation, trying not to make a move feeling like it will attract their attention.

They sneakily looked up to see Luther's expression, but he didn't react to the words that were said as if the conversation wasn't affecting him in the slightest.

"I will not marry a woman that I'm not interested in. Neither someone that I don't choose myself and I will not be treated like a puppet." He said, while looking at his grandfather with a determined look in his eyes. "Not even by you."

"Luther!" Shouted the elder startling the secretaries, but yet again he was interrupted by Luther before he could continue.

"If there's nothing else. Please eat the food that I brought for you and take care of your health." He said while pointing with his hand to the food on the table that he brought for him. "I'll take my leave now."

Luther started walking towards the door and exited the room. His secretary quickly bowed to the elder, and went to follow him and closed the door behind him.

Mao Xin Yi looked at the back of his grandson and left out a sigh, looking at the food he brought for him he ordered his secretary Lea to serve some of it to him. He knew that even by disowning him he still will do well, he already established strong relationships with the most powerful people in the industry but he still had hoped to see his grandson married. But it looks these are just the wishful thinking of an old man almost ready to retire.

Outside of the office, all the ladies turned to look at the man walking by, since he looked like a Greek God that descended just to torture them with the beauty and class that he exuded. With dark brown hair that appeared to be black and hazel eyes, he looked like a sculpture that came to life. Since his father was Asian and his mother European, he looked like God took the best features from both and created the perfection of a man that he is now.

Most men were a little bit jealous of his luck because he was born with a golden spoon and also had the looks. Everyone knew his personality, so no one dared to direct a word to him. He was Luther Mao, one of the most powerful men in the country and no one would dare to be on his wrong side.

Luther walked into the elevator with his secretary and pressed the button to go down. "What's the schedule for today?" Luther asked Jun Xie, while looking at his watch.

"The CEO of Blue Sky Inc requested a meeting at 11:00 AM today to talk about the proposal they sent, accept or deny?" Said Jun Xie while looking at his iPad.

"Deny," Luthor said while fixing his tie and looking at the mirror in the elevator.}

"There's a reunion with the supplier from Green Mountain at 1:00 PM, accept or deny?" Jun Xie continued. Luther put one of his hands in his pocket.


They continued to go through the schedule for the day as the headed to his office. The Mao family was generally known for purchasing businesses and making astronomical amounts of money out of them. Everything in which they invested generated earnings so everyone wanted to work with them, because if you became their partner then it meant that the business would prosper. They had Hotels, Casinos, Malls, and an entertainment company under the family's name. People often said that there wasn't an amount of money that could measure the wealth of the Mao family, which obviously were all exaggerations.

"And lastly," Said Jun Xie. "Your father wants to have dinner with you today at 8:00 PM at Diamond Hote-" But before Jun Xie could finish, Luther interrupted him with an annoyed face and replied coldly.


The elevator stopped on the 10th floor and when he walked out, everyone started standing up and bowing while he walked into his office. The temperature dropped to minus zero the moment he walked in making everyone nervous, so they left out a sigh of relief after he entered his office and was out of sight.

In his office he started to work on a project that was going to be handled by Saphire Entertainment, another one of his companies. He needed an actress for the main role of an upcoming movie that one of his writers sent to him, and he liked the script. He already had a director in mind, so just the correct actors for the roles were needed.

"Do you have the profiles of the actress that would fit the main role?" He said while looking at the script that he had on his hands.

"I'm still collecting the details about them to send you the information. I'll finish it in a few days since I have to carefully check their skills and backgrounds before I send them to you. I'm going to pick five out of all the entries that we've received so far, and then you can choose one." He replied cordially.

"All right, sounds good. I'll leave it to you then." Luther picked his iPad, and started to work on the Diamond Hotel and Casino information that he had at hand and checking some renovations that he wanted to make.

"Thank you." Jun Xie walked towards the door and opened it.

"By the way, could you send me the details about the issue at the mall to my iPad," Luthor said while still looking down at the papers in front of him.

"I'll send it to you right away." He replied.

"Thank you."

"It's my pleasure boss." Jun Xie bowed and left the office.

Luther grabbed the documents on the table and started working on them.


It was 11:00 AM and Min Yi was still under the covers of her bed. The room was messy with all the clothes and objects spread across the penthouse. She was known as a spoiled child who spent her time shopping and going to clubs where they called her "Queen of the night". She was quite happy with the title and lived up to the name.

While still sleeping due to the hangover from the day before, the alarm went off and after a few minutes she tried to reach for her phone since it wouldn't stop ringing. The phone was so far away that she leaned in a bit more, falling from the bed.


"Oww..." With her eyes still closed and trying to stand up she grabbed her phone. While opening one of her eyes she saw the time. '11:16 AM'. A picture of a cute cat could be seen as the wallpaper.

She gasped. "I'm so screwed!"

Min Yi ran to the bathroom while removing the clothes she had on and trying to evade the objects on the floor. She started taking a shower, removed her hair from the bun and her pitch-black wavy hair fell on her waist.

Water was pouring on her body as she washed her hair. Her light brown honey skin shining as she massages her body, she then took a lotion from the stand and applied it to her face which she removed after a few minutes. Min Yi always took good care of her skin since she didn't want to let down her followers.

She stepped out of the bathroom and went to her closet, picked a dark-red high waist pair of pants and a simple beige top, and put them on. She brushed her hair and dried it until she was satisfied. Many people complimented her due to her natural beauty, calling her exotic due to her features.

She had a beauty mark next to her nose and another one below her eyebrow, honey skin, a small nose, and plump reddish lips. Min Yi also had a nice body since she worked out, she had curves. No one was able to look away from her. She was stunning.

She put some light make up on and a toned-down red lipstick to add more color to her face. She leaned down to take a pair of dark red high heels, from Valentino. Picking up a pair of gold earrings and the necklace that came with it, she took her phone and her beige Louis Vuitton purse, walked to the leaving room, and got out of the penthouse.

While walking she checked her phone notifications and saw ten missed calls from someone but ignored them. Min Yi took the elevator and descended to the parking lot while getting her car keys from her purse. She drove to her destination and stopped to show her ID at the entrance.

"Welcome, Miss Min Yi."

Said the guard while opening the door for her.

"Thank you."

She smiled making the man blush. Of all the people he met while working there she was the only one who was nice. So he thought that she must be an angel judging by her looks and personality, he was struck by her. She parked at her designated spot and walked into the building. The moment she walked in all the eyes were stuck to her.

"Morning." She said while her hair swayed like waves and moved her hips while walking to the elevator.

"Good morning, Miss Min Yi." Said the employees. She smiled and the door closed.

"I just can't get enough of her, she's so beautiful." Said one of them.

"She has an amazing body. I would love to see her in a bikini." They start to laugh agreeing with each other.

"You might be let down if you knew her though." Said a woman, she was wearing a white high waist pencil skirt and a light pink long sleeves blouse with a cleavage on the front. Her hair was coffee brown and had her hair tight in a ponytail.

She had light make up on that was perfect for her pale skin and brown eyes. She wore pink shoes that were matching with her blouse and had a little tattoo just above her ankle.

Everyone knew who she was, Mei Xi is the boss' niece, who he treated like his daughter after she lost her parents in a car accident when she was nine. Her father was Min Yi's dad's brother. When the two employees saw her they straighten up right away.

"Apologies, Miss Mei Xi." Said one of the men while nervously bowing to her.

"We were totally out of line." Said another one the other nervously.

"..." She stared at them for a couple of seconds and then walked away to one of the elevators as Min Yi did before. She was accompanied by her assistant, who looked at the two men as she too walked in the same direction.

The employees waited until the door closed to relax. They looked at each other with a nervous look.

"I want to see my uncle today regarding my proposal." Said Mei Xi to her assistant nonchalantly in the elevator. She took out her phone and looked at one of her contacts 'Wu Yuhan'. With a look like she wanted to call him but didn't dare to do so and blocked her phone.

"Mr. Lin is not able to have a meeting today, it seems that his schedule is full." Said her assistant shyly.

"What do you mean by that?!" She yelled. "Then how is it that Min Yi is here to meet him?" She turned around to look a her assistant angrily.

"I-I'm not sure. Maybe they had this meeting arranged since before." She replied a little bit scared.

"Hah..." She rolled her eyes. "You're useless." She looked at her watch and got out of the elevator, her assistant following behind her.

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