Stealing the Crown Prince's Soul 已经停更 Book

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Stealing the Crown Prince's Soul 已经停更


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"I want the Crown Prince's soul." Whether it be the emperor's prized jade pendant or a chapter from the Book of Life and Death, as long as there was a good price, there was no doubt that Lingjun would return with the objective. She was a mercenary after all—morally ambiguous, endlessly sarcastic, and admittedly a tinge perverted. And for a shadow who has escaped death itself by stealing back her own soul from the Underworld, failure simply wasn't an option. She had a reputation to live up to. That was all until she met him. Thump. Thump. The footsteps blended into the rhythm of her pounding heart. Lingjun fled into the night...emptyhanded for the first time. _____ Cover Art: Manipulated via Photoshop but all credits to the original artist (https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/5200530). I couldn't find a way to contact the artist, so if there are issues with copyright, please message me as soon as possible (Discord #1999 Jenjibread)


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