1 Prologue

I was summon in a new world as a Hero, as years come by, I become stronger and stronger, soon I defeat all the Demon Lords in the Underworld and finally give peace to humanity, I am supposed to be vast with fame and glory and finally I can rest but Humanity knows no bound, as no natural enemy for humanity they finally raise their weapon to the heavens, as a person who is summoned by the heaven I was framed, and soon become the humanity`s number one enemy, I was shunned and betray by all the people I trust by not attacking heaven with them and soon be defeated. The heaven also despises me for not protecting and fighting for them, without a place to go back to, I go back where it is all supposed to end.

I realize that the world needs a villain, and that role fit me perfectly, now since I defeated all the demon lords I become the sole ruler of the Underworld, with all the demonic creatures in the underworld we joined the three-way war, Humanity, Celestials and Demons start a new war, a war that will end the three worlds, with my unlimited power as the sole demon lord I defeat heroes after heroes, even gods and goddesses fall in my hand.

Soon the war finally ended, there is supposed to be trucked by the three world, and only my sign is needed with us three leaders standing in the center of the world, but I look at my back and saw the demons who follow me in this war, I could see that no matter what this truce all about the war will be invoked in different time, after all there is too much enmity in the world, this enmity will never end, so rather than put a sign on it I pull my sword and swing it to the head of the other two leaders and take their authority as the rulers of their certain world and with the power of the three world in my hand the war continue and finally as I predicted the in few decades all wars ended in my hand the last creature except me died out, and all the power was inside of me finally breakdown.

I lay down one the barren ground with no life except mine remain in this worlds peace finally came, but I only look at the grayish sky, I can`t hear battle cry or any sound except the lonely howl of the wind, around me was corpses of different races.

Rivers of blood, mountains of corpses and this barren ground is all around me, a truly lifeless lonely world, as my life also coming to an end I take a look one last time in this world, my broken armor, shield and sword who accompany me when I am summoned in this world is in my side.

"What am I doing?" I said softly to myself, I can feel that death is next to me, a person who give many deaths is now slowly been taken by death... How ironic is that?

"Hey Death, in my next life I wish to have a normal happy life, I want a life away from this world ending event ever again, I want my life to be happy and fulfilling." I don`t know why the hell I talked to myself like that, and I also don`t know why I am talking to death like that, I know that I shed blood, I am already lucky if I am just become three or a bird in my next thousand life times if I am lucky.

I sign and a smile appear on my face. "How stupid of me to think this way, maybe I am now senile in the bloodshed I did all this time." I said and look at the grayish sky ones more time. "How stupid." I said, before everything turns dark, I feel that a tear falls in my eyes, and soon here it is my most awaited death I could finally lay rest.

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