3 Marriage is Impossible

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He sent Xu Yinglian to the entrance of the Golden Ridge Cave Abode.

This silly junior sister's eyes were red as if she had not completely calmed down.

However, because she had spoken offensive words in the lecture hall, she had humbly apologized to Qiu Changtian.

Qiu Changtian naturally wouldn't keep it in mind.

To be honest, the mission of obtaining the Heaven Mending Rocks occupied all his mind. He could not be bothered to treat this junior sister as an opponent.

His real enemy was the unknown person who lived in the Hollow Jade Temple and possessed the Heaven Mending Stone fragment!

To be able to obtain this Connate Treasure, it was very likely that this person was a powerful figure at the level of a Grand Elder, and his status was even higher than Sect Master Polestar.

Whether it was persuasion, deception, or theft, the current Qiu Changtian did not have the confidence to obtain the Heaven Mending Stone fragment from the Grand Elder level person.

It was impossible to tell the whole story that happened 1000 years later. Putting aside whether others believed it or not, he cannot explain how he knew about the calamity of the Cultivationless Age.

Moreover, the Kunlun Mirror in his body was a Connate treasure on the same level as the Heaven Mending Stone.

If anyone were to find out about it, it would definitely be a disaster and not a blessing!

After sending his junior sister back, Qiu Changtian returned to his cave abode and meditated on the stone bed for a few hours. He followed the route of the Nine Heavens Clarity Entering Enlightenment Mantra and circulated his True Qi a few times, allowing his sea of vital energy to fill up a little.

After today's training, Qiu Changtian called out in his heart, "Ah Jing! Ah Jing!"

After a long while, a helpless voice awakens.


"It's time to go to Mount Shu," Qiu Changtian reminded.

The Kunlun Mirror fell silent for a moment before asking,

"What do you plan to do with Xu Yinglian?"

"Of course I refuse." Qiu Changtian smiled. "Women will only affect my cultivation speed!"

Kunlun Mirror:…

"Why? Is something wrong?"

"Xu Yinglian's primordial Yin is naturally extremely pure. If you can dual cultivate with it, yin and yang will become harmonious and it will be very beneficial to you," the Kunlun Mirror said truthfully.

"How do you, a lust mirror, know about dual cultivation techniques?" Qiu Changtian asked suspiciously. "Tell me, did you take a fancy to her?"

"Xu Yinglian has the Phoenix bloodline," the Kunlun Mirror explained. "Although it's thin, its rank is still there."

"Phoenix bloodline, so?" Qiu Changtian sneered in his heart, "within expectation", so he continued asking.

"The phoenix is a scarlet phoenix, a true spirit among demons. Its blood is blazing," the Kunlun Mirror said frankly. "If you dual cultivate with her, yin and yang will become harmonious, stimulating the true spirit qi in the depths of your bloodline. Then, I will be able to engrave the phoenix bloodline into the mirror."

"And then?" Qiu Changtian sighed and asked, "In order to obtain the talent of the Phoenix bloodline, I have to act as Xu Yinglian, right?"

"Yes," the Kunlun Mirror replied. "Her character profile is' seeking victory '. You knew her very well."

Qiu Changtian pondered silently for a moment before he said,

"Send me to Shushan first."

"Alright." The Kunlun Mirror began to function. Qiu Changtian felt the light in his sea of mind grow brighter, and his three souls and seven spirits seemed to be trembling.

"Countdown to world destruction: 1,000 years."

"Please hurry up and look for the Heaven Patching Stone."

The Kunlun Mirror chanted:

[Point two: Mount Shu's Shangqing Faction, Green Spiral Peak]

[Character Identity: Ling Yunpo.]

"Imitation Mode covered, currently traveling through time."

Ling Yunpo opened his eyes abruptly.

At this moment, he was sitting on a soft bed and meditating. Around him was an antique bedroom.

A bronze mirror hung on the wall next to the bed.

Ling Yunpo looked into the bronze mirror and saw a black-haired young man. He was handsome, majestic, and had a determined expression.

Although his facial features were rather similar to Qiu Changtian's, his aura was completely different, giving off a bitter and hate feeling.

To describe this temperament as human-like, it was like a dark youth whose older brother had killed the entire family and fled outside, so he was bent on seeking revenge on his brother…

From Qiu Changtian to Ling Yunpo, he only needed to activate the Kunlun Mirror's Imitation Mode to create a permanent illusion that would quietly affect everyone's five senses.

Regardless of whether it was sight, hearing, smell, or touch, no matter who used their perception to probe him, the image they could sense was no longer Qiu Changtian, but Ling Yunpo.

Of course, the premise of maintaining this image was to act as the corresponding persona.

If the persona did not match the appearance, the synchronization value would be too low. It would make people feel that something was wrong, and there was a risk of breaking the Imitation Mode.

As for Time Travel, it was a unique skill of the Kunlun Mirror.

It could stabilize a space-time coordinate and teleport oneself to the designated time and place.

For example, Qiu Changtian stayed at the Kunlun Taiqing Sect for an entire day.

At night, he would teleport his body to the Qing Sect on Mount Shu and disguise himself as Ling Yunpo.

This meant that Qiu Changtian and Ling Yunpo could appear at different locations at the same time. These two identities could be considered as having alibis.

As for why he did this, it was because the second Heaven Mending Stone fragment was hidden in the Shangqing Faction on Mount Shu.

"Little Jing, can you detect the location of the second Heaven Mending Stone fragment?" Ling Yunpo asked in a low voice.

"The location hasn't changed," the Kunlun Mirror replied. "Three kilometers underground."

Ling Yunpo: …

What the hell is three kilometers underground? Do I have to dig it down?

However, it was obvious that those who could hide things three thousand meters below Mount Shu were definitely important figures of the Shangqing Faction - they might even be Grand Elders.

He had to take his time and plan slowly.

"Junior Brother, are you awake?" The Senior Sister's voice came from outside.

"Senior Sister!" Ling Yunpo quickly got dressed and got up.

He pushed the door open and saw his senior sister standing outside with a smile.

Senior Sister An Zhisu was the only disciple of Su Jian, the Peak Master of the Green Spiral Peak of Mount Shu. She was already at the perfected level of the Transformation Realm and was one step away from reaching the Core Formation realm.

However, because her master, Su Jian, was in seclusion and Senior Sister An had no one to guide her, her cultivation had been stagnant for a long time. She had no choice but to shift her focus to managing secular affairs.

For example, taking in disciples on behalf of his master or nurturing his junior brother.

Ling Yunpo looked over and saw that Senior Sister An had changed into a light yellow short-sleeved shirt and a long white skirt. Her hair was tied into a beautiful bun behind her head.

Coupled with her pure and charming looks and gentle older sister aura, no man could resist her charm.

However, there was a slight murderous aura between her brows…

As a Mount Shu sword immortal, she had fought her way through countless duels. Ling Yunpo did not dare to underestimate her at all.

"Junior Brother, you just entered our Green Spiral Peak yesterday, so I'll tell you about cultivation today." An Zhisu led him to the Quiet Hall and said with a smile.

"If you want to start cultivating from the mortal body, you first need to abstain from eating and then refine Qi. Finally, you need to master the Dharmic formulation of Refining Qi. Cultivators call it 'Trial of Three Gates'."

"Because Master is currently in seclusion, I'll teach you three scriptures on behalf of Master."

"'Nine Essences Rejuvenation and Integration Divine Higher True Jade Scripture' is used to abstain from grains."

"The 'Ultimate Immemorial Record' is used to open up the Sea of Qi."

"The 'High Clarity Secret Qi Refinement and Flying Sword Technique of Mount Shu'. It's used to learn the technique of Qi Refinement. There's also the general chant for the Mount Shu Sword Control Technique."

As Qiu Changtian, Ling Yunpo had already learned the "Trial of Three Gates" that An Zhisu had mentioned.

However, he was currently playing the role of Ling Yunpo, so he used the Imitation Mode to disguise himself as a mortal who had yet to enter the Refinement Stage. He patiently listened to the Senior Sister's explanation of the contents of the introductory scripture in detail.

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