6 He does care

Kirishima pov*

Me and bakugo were walking down the street. We were just talking an i got distracted and tripped. "Get up" he said harshly. "Thats fucking embarrassing" i sir there for a moment and then i get up "yea." We start walking again.

*At night in kiri's dorm*

I put on a Tshirt and sweatpants And Notice a door opening. I look outside and see bakugo on his balcony. He was standing there looking at the sky. He looked pretty peaceful even with his resting bitch face. i decide not to interrupted him i might just anger him. I close my balcony door quietly and sit on my bed. "All that was said that day.. did he mean it..? He doesn't act like it."

I frown "he only acts nice in private. Would i ruin his badass reputation..?" I start to cry a bit. "No stop! Mans cant cry!" I stop for a moment then start again. I hug my pillow and cry for a bit "w-who knew bakugo would make me so sad..." i fall asleep with my Tear covered pillow. I woke up to loud bangs on my door. "Is there an emergency?!" I whisper to myself but then j hesr a familiar voice "Oi kirishima!!" Bakugo was yelling. I open the door "what?! Its not even tike for clas thats like 3 hours away. Thats not manly of you!!" I mumble. He stomps in and yells at the others to "go back to Youre dorms! and worry whout your own damn business!!" He slams the door. "What is wrong?!" I say worried "why the fuck didnt you go to the balcony last night?!" I looked at him shocked "well uhm why is that a reason to be this mad?!" He pushes me against the wall. "i wanted to fucking talk to you about something! AND you didnt fucking come out! You had me FUCKING worried!" He stops yelling a breaths heavily. "Bakugo.." i can feel the tears starting to form. "You do care.." i hug him tightly and cry into his shoulder. "You are so mean and aggressive i thought you didnt.." he hugged me back. "Thank you bakugo" i say. Bakugo stroked my Hair. I didnt even have a chance to style it before he came. "and also.. mans cry too" he says to me. I hug him so tight. "Hey bakugo..?" He pulls away "what?" I look down "do you think you could spend the rest of the time here With me before class? That doesn't sound so manly to me but-" he interrupted me "Of course i stay you fucking idiot" i smile at him. "SoOoOoOo wanna cuddle?" He smiles.

We cuddle in my bed

"Your hair is really spiky."i say

" i like it that way" he replied

"Me too"

"I like when your hair is down"

"Thank you bakugo"

"Bakugo.. i love you"

He doesnt answer for a second and im scared i made it awkward "i-im sorry!!" I hear him laughing slightly and he grabs ny hand tightly

"I love you too Eijiro. I MEAN KIRISHIMA!"

"its okay katsuki"

He blushes and looks away sternly. I nuzzle him.

"Fuck you.." he says

"You can. UH I MEAN UH.... i means no You?.."

He doesnt reply and i look at him. He was asleep. "He didn't hear that. Thank goodness"

I kiss him. "EEK!" He didnt even wake up. So i kiss him again. I fall asleep. Out faces close together i feel the heat of his breath on me. Sounds creepy i know but i like being warm.

Bakugo pov*

Kirishima starts to get up and i stop him "im still fucking tired and you fucking idiot its saturday!"

I say as i pull him back down "oh sorry" he blushes. "Uh it's okay" it sounded rude and sarcastic but i meant it in a good way. "K im going back to sleep"i say. "Er hey bakugo?" I look at him "ugh what?" He kisses me and i kiss him back. We ended up making out accidentally for a few minuets. I enjoyed it i must admit. When he pulled away to let me see i was kinda disappointed but let it slide. I looked away and face the wall. i hear dekus voice outside talking to someone and it annoys me. I lay my face in the pillow. This pillow smells like kirishima. His arms were around me and i was kinda on top of him. "Uh im sorry..?" I say. "Its okay i like it" he says rubbing my back i lay my head on his chest. The rest was the hours were a blur. I fall asleep.

We wake up and kirishima goes to get dressed 'he dressed infront of me what the fuck!" I look away "i have to get clothes from my dorm" i say. "Alright! Ill be in here!" He replies. "Hows he so energetic?!" I mumble walking out. "Oh. Bakugo. You just came out of kirishimas room?" I roll my eyes. Just my fucking luck. "Icyhot that has nothing to do with anything fuck you icyhot! And everyone else in these dorms!!" I walk inside ny dorm and slam it. "Except kirishima.." i huff snd look for clothes. Once i found something that looks nice i put it on. Nock of kirishimas door. No answer. 'Guess he left without me oh well..' i start to walk away. Kirishima jumps out and yells. "what the fuck?" I yell out of shock "i got you! I scared you didnt i!!" I fell on the floor when he jumped out. I started to blush. Like bad i could feel the heat on my cheeks. "Hey im sorry!" I didnt look up. He couldnt see me like this what the fuck! "UH!ill neet you at the door! Yea!" I say walking away. "You look calm bakugo" mina says "shut up or ill blow your fact off!" I reply. Mina says "nevermind." I continue my walk to the door and wait there for kirishima. He was like 5 minuets late!! "What took you so long?!" He smiles "i had to style my hair and then people in the hallway kept talking to me and i couldnt ignore my friends! Thats like unmanly dude!"

"Oh okay" ugh why do i feel angry right know.?!

Am.. am i jealous? That people were keep kirishima away from me? No way! "Where do you want to go?!" He smiled and shrugged. "Well.. i dont wanna visit that old hag" i say. "Who?"

"My mom" i answer

"Thats not a nice nickname you know!" He laughed. "But cmom itll be nice to visit family ill just wait till your done." He said. I look at him "you can just come in an meet them" I started to blush "they are VERY annoying so lets just get it over with"

Kirishima pov*

*at Bakugos house*

"Hello ms.. Bakugo? Uh im Bakugos best friend!" I smile and shake his moms hand. "Hes never had friend over so that must mean your special!" His mom says. Bakugo look to the side blushing. "Katsuki! We made dinner for you. Your friend can have some too!"

"Thank you" i say

*eating dinner*

"So Katsuki are you staying the night?" Bakugos mom asks

"Okay" he replies.

"Ill just go home after that" i say

"No you can stay to.." bakugo mumbles

"Oh! Sure!"

'His mom said he never has anyone over so that must me i am special! He cares about me!' I think while eating food. "Thank you for the meal!" I say

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