Start of Empire Monsters Book

novel - Fantasy

Start of Empire Monsters


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In ancient times, all ruled by terrible monsters, owners of enormous strength and incredible abilities. All of them differed among themselves in nature, form and habitat. Some of them were intelligent, and others lived only by instinct, but all of them were United by one thing, the boundless power of their eternal ruler, the master of the life of Inmir. Inmir was the one who ruled all, and there were no fools in the world eager to fight him. His strength had no limit, and wisdom was glorified for centuries. And then one day, the great master of this world, with the help of his all-seeing eye, foresaw a terrible catastrophe. The two suns that illuminated this world had to collide and the small sun would be absorbed by the big one. But this process will be accompanied by immeasurable radiation that will erase all life from the face of the planet for many millions of years. Inmir, who as if his father loved his subjects, could not sit idly by. He gathered all the most worthy at his feet and declared that he would save his children from a terrible fate and create an impenetrable barrier deep underground that would withstand all adversity. All as one have bowed to the Lord, and by his order have created the whole country, deeply underground, in great caves of night...