Start Checking In From the Sleeping Palace of the Empress Dowager Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Start Checking In From the Sleeping Palace of the Empress Dowager

Little Tang Fallen into the Sea

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Lu Tianyu transmigrated to the Land of Divine Warriors. He sneaked to the Sleeping Palace of the emperor’s mother. But he didn’t expect that he would be caught red-handed! Yet because he was seriously too attractive, he turned into…...the person serving beside the pillow of this voluptuous beauty who had been widowed for years. At the same time, menacing threats lurked all around the empire. The Demon Taming Kingdom was glaring at the empire intently, the Dragon Tiger Clan peering from the shadows…… “Checked in successfully, received Grade Nine Upper-level Martial Art: Tathagata Divine Palm!” “Checked in successfully, received Supreme Worldly Treasure: God Killing Spear!” “Checked in successfully, received unparalleled divine ability: Sky-Earth Synchronization!” Facing the enemy army swarming him, Lu Tianyu yelled, “Fear not Empress Dowager! These are just ragtag rebels, I can wipe them out with a single slash of my sword!” A sword smote from the skies! All worlds lost their colors in comparison! The Dragon Tiger Clan exclaimed, “There’s a true master in the empire!” The king of the Demon Taming Kingdom shivered in fear, “Master, please accept my kowtow.”


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