Start Again (BTS Fanfiction)
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Start Again (BTS Fanfiction)


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What is Start Again (BTS Fanfiction)

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‘Kim Seohyun.’ Uh-oh. Something doesn’t seem right. Nothing is ever right when this dude calls me by my full name. Does he want the truth? How can I ever tell him about it? ‘You are always going out. By yourself, without any of us looking at you. You come back and Jin never finds any more money in your wallet. Where do you go that whole time? Best friends never have secrets, and that’s something you should know, Hyun.’ I’ve tried to conceal it. I can’t believe he found out. ‘I was on a date ’ “Hey, Hyun, you told me not to daydream 3 minutes ago!” “Aish, I’m not daydreaming!!” “Let’s watch a movie or something.” “Sure, can we watch anime? Do you have any anime?” “Yeah, on my laptop, but you have anime on your laptop too.” “Let’s watch… huh…. ONAMAEWA MO SHINDERU” “NANI! NO!” A/N: I became hyperactive. -------------------------------------------------- First of all this is also on wattpad, under the username @mochi_approved Also another note, I couldn't edit the photo to the right size so I just left the unedited photo on the cover. Please support the wattpad story as well!

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