1 Chapter One

"Gena!" A tall, blue eyed, dark haired seventeen year old boy called to his best friend from the window next to his bedroom window. "Robert, why are you calling my name? It's easier to text me, like you have my phone number for a reason." Said a short, emerald diamond coloured eyes, blond haired newly sixteen year old girl, who is known as Gena. "Why use my phone when your next door? That's just weird, but how was your sleep?" the tall, blue eyed, dark haired seventeen year old boy named Robert asked Gena as he jumped through his window to get to Gena's window and into her bedroom. "My sleep would've been better, if you stayed at my room. Why did you leave anyway?" She asked with a depressed tone to her voice, as Robert hugged her before answering her question. Gena looked up into Robert's beautiful blue eyes, and waited for him to blink for her to kiss him, but when she was about to kiss his plump, strawberry lips. Her father came into her room, "Gena! How many times do I have to tell you that their is NO BOYS in your room with the boy shut. Including Robert!!" An angry father yell at the couple, before pulling Robert from her wonderful embrace. " oh... good morning Mr.Jones, how is your morning?" Robert asks as he is being bragged out of Gena's room so she can be felt alone in her room, once again. "Well it would be better if you didn't try to ruin it again!" Mr.Jones said with a very grumpy face again. Robert and Mrs.Jones both giggle as he is dropped in the kitchen so he can help Mrs.Jones with breakfast. And Mr. Jones walk to his chair in the dinning room at the table.

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