Starklight: Origin of the Blood Faced Book

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Starklight: Origin of the Blood Faced


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This Novel is a supernatural fiction or horror novel written by Naman Shukla. The Novel consists a good storyline and attractive characters. This story is fictional and all town's names and characters included in this story are also fictional. The story revolves around Alexa and Kevin Rewnun, brother and sister in relation. They saw something strange in their cupboard and after opening it, they had a shock. Their friends Dew Wolsvok, Yumchin Kurimo, Arisen Mathew Lewis and Tomo also helped them. Later on they found two more friends, David and Florence Murphy which also helped them. The story is a horror story which may give you nightmares and goosebumps with it's great plot and jump scares. So read the book and be with the scary and spooky world of Alexa and Kevin.

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