2 Jedi Purge

March 12, 19 BBY


Tarkin Palace

I could feel it, the jedi were dying , dying by the hundreds if not thousands , and such a disaster could not go unfelt through out the galaxy, that was if you were force sensitive of course and the feeling was not a nice one . Hate, regret, sadness, betrayal, despair, fear and anger , all of it could be felt in the force ,and after feeling such emotions it felt as if my heart was at my knees and not my chest. Such vast amount of negative emotions would make any force sensitive feel uneasy or sad without even knowing why.

Palpatine should be laughing like a mad man right about now, this was what gave him power, he revels in others fear, hate and anger for it gave him power.

I felt sorry for the jedi, I really did ,but their downfall had been their fault just as it was Palpatine's , they had become too intertwined with the politics of the republic . A millennia ago they were peacekeepers and protectors of the galaxy; but now they've become servants, servants of the old republic and it's league of corrupt senators.

Instead of doing what the force told them, they did what the republic ordered, people spoke of the jedi as if they were purely good and but they were wrong, the jedi order is not good, it's grey, they've done many evil things in the past just as the Sith order.

Taking away children from their families, forcing them to join their stagnant order , that doesn't seem enticing and good to me.

They've also tried the same with me 5 years ago , trying their best to convince my parents to let me leave eriadu and join their order, but obviously failed, my father and mother would have none of it , plus their jedi mind tricks wouldn't work on such strong willed minds and attacking a wealthy and well known family to take away their force sensitive child would not go well for them.

So they left empty handed just as they came that day, and thank god they did , for I'd rather die and be reborn again than join their self righteous order, for being a space monk was not on my wish list .

Plus my midichlorian level wasn't 't that very high, merely 12000. A fairly good level but far from the strong force sensitives out there such as vader , jerec , palpatine , yoda ,obi wan and a few others.

But that didn't stop me from practicing every chance I got . I levitated a lot of things within my room , books , toys, datapads, trophies etc . It felt so easy to do ,It felt as if the force was an extension of my body that wasn't visible to the eyes.

As i was meditating, I was abruptly interrupted by the sound of a knock on my durasteel door.

'Knock, Knock'


"Master william , my apologies for the disturbance , but your mother requests your presence immediately " the elderly butler called out.

"I'll be right there Silas ",I replied .

This rich family lifestyle can be so demanding at times , I sighed

five minutes later….

"Mother you wished to see me?"

"Come now my son , take a seat , I have some very important news to tell you" she said not even taking her eyes off the data pad she was reading.

I already knew what she was going to say , but I kept silent nonetheless.

"The Jedi attempted to assassinate supreme chancellor Palpatine yesterday "she said sternly as she now looked up at me .

" well… ,that doesn't sound good"

"Because it isn't! , those old magic eunuchs tried taking over the republic, but fortunately, they failed and their puny attempts squashed with most of their stagnant order either killed or captured , the supreme chancellor has reorganized the republic into the first galactic empire to bring order and peace through out the galaxy and your father will be within his circle of power .The Tarkin and Motti family will be presented with new opportunities of power within the new imperial hierarchy, and your father has very high expectations of you, joining the navy just as your brother will be boon to the tarkin family name. You are a very smart boy and once you come of age I don't doubt your abilities to move through the imperial ranks even without our help . We have very high hopes for you William and from now on, I've asked Your mentor to double your studies…

"But mother…"I tried to protest but she wasn't having none of it .

"Enough William!, You have surpassed the level in every courses and subjects a normal 9 year old would find very difficult, your tutelage and schooling classes shall be doubled and that's final" she stated sternly.

damn it, I thought, this woman will drive me mad .

"I have work to do , so you may leave " she waved me off

"Yes mother," I replied

Two days later …

Tarkin Palace Home room

This old fossil was trying to put me to sleep , his lectures were long and boring , even cousin Gillad beside me seemed to be getting a bit restless. Oh yes , Gillad was the same age as me and was the son of uncle Gideon , Father's younger brother. It seems me being in the star wars universe changed some things , because uncle gideon only had a daughter in 19 bby , but now he had son the same age as me , his wife Elise Quintad was pregnant again so most likely this would be the daughter, Rivoche Tarkin.

And sitting directly in front of us were two 10 year old boys, the Quintad brothers, Elian and Elijah, they were attentive as always and of course our families were already joined so it made sense we had the same classes together.

The Quintad was an oligarchy of five powerful families that ruled the Outer Rim planet Eriadu. The Quintad families had originated from Corulag in the Core Worlds, but immigrated to the relatively insignificant Eriadu in 900 BBY. Under the Quintad's oversight, Eriadu was made into an industrial giant and one of the most prestigious planets in the Outer Rim, fulfilling the Quinad's desires to transform Eriadu into the Coruscant of the Outer Rim.

Although Eriadu consisted of five influential families, the Tarkin family were the most powerful and famous and more so than the Quintad, we dominated politics in the Seswenna sector in the waning days of the Galactic Republic and we would do it again throughout the reign of the Galactic Empire.

"When are our lectures going to end" , Gillad murmured

" Pretty soon cousin, we've been here for three hours and some lunch would be nice right now " I replied .

"Indeed cousin , some lunch would be splendid about now " said gillad as he rubbed his belly.

"That's all you two think about, food." elijah spouted

"oh shut up, we all can't be robots like you two can we now?" I fired back getting a frown from him

Gillad started to laugh garnering the attention of Mentor Ronan

"Is there something you wish to share with me young Gillad?"

"No , Master Ronan" Gillad stuttered out

"Good , then stop your snickering and pay attention to the lesson" he said sternly

To be honest Mentor Ronan was a stern old man, time wasn't kind to him and he was already fully bald , but that didn't stop or deter him from teaching and unsurprisingly he taught Garoche when he was younger and also taught father ,uncle Gideon and many other oligarchs when they were young here on eriadu. The guy was probably hitting 70 by now.

As we continued to pay attention to the lesson , I couldn't stop my mind from thinking about Garoche, the road of an imperial was not an easy one and the things that garoche would do in the future for the empire and its emperor made me uneasy, those things would haunt him and make him feel guilty ,forcing him to join the rebellion, seemingly trying to repent and make up for the atrocities he committed . It was either that or the high priestess or what ever kriffing crap she called herself on Atoa that used some form of magic to corrupt his mind and make him sympathetic to the rebels, just as she messed up vader's mind making him commit suicide by collapsing the tunnel on himself and them ,which in turn killed only Garoche and herself .

I must speak with him , I must try my utmost best to prevent him from taking that path towards the rebellion. I must, I will not allow him to die.

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