35 Training Preparations!

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The very next day, Xytan awakened while stretching and yawning. He used his droid, A-1 as an alarm clock since there was no light or actual clocks to alert him. Xytan knitted his eyebrows, he left his toothbrush and everything back at the Temple.

"Damn, I hope I don't knock anyone out!" Xytan was a bit uncomfortable knowing that his breath smelled bad. Now, he had to plan, Xytan had to write down an objective list that had to be met by his personnel, including himself.

The first thing he did was shower himself before putting on some blue jeans and a plain black shirt. He browsed through the fridge that was in his suite room and found that a load of food had been stored for him inside.

Xytan's short figure started to pull out eggs, and beef for breakfast. He cooked, season, and sizzled it up before enjoying a glass of orange juice with it. He couldn't help but think that this was the best life, but his last one at the temple wasn't bad. This was only if you excluded the fact that he couldn't go anywhere, but he was a kid, what kid could roam around freely?

After enjoying his breakfast, he went to his bedroom area and picked up his Jedi robes. Inside of the robes were the manuals for the forms he trained in.

They were inside of a few pockets he had within. He took them out and placed them on a desk one at a time.

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"Viola still has the Form 4 manual. I told her to bring it with her when we met up back then before meeting with Jin, so she must be holding it in her interior pocket as well." Xytan was certain of this, she wouldn't forget something so important.

Xytan evaluated the Orange Lightsaber crystal, it was orange but when it was ignited it was nearly turning gold. He had to admit that it was a flashy stand-out color, which could be a bit of a problem.

"No matter, I wouldn't ignite it in public anyways unless I had to." The Spartans also carried around lightsabers, something they couldn't use when they were out—for many reasons.

Xytan didn't like the grip of this lightsaber, it wasn't to his liking. This was visually and physically, he had to change it later for his comfort sake.

Xytan was a cautious person, so he wouldn't settle for just one lightsaber. He wanted to have a least 8 of them hanging from his waist, ready for use. If one happens to get destroyed, he could just pull out another one to fight with.

"May as well use different colors when I do this. This will also help me enjoy different types of lightsaber crystals that fit a situation." There were many types from what Xytan could remember, with different attributes. These crystals were highly rare and hard to find; one mainly being the crystal called the Ghost Fire crystal.

Suddenly, a knock came at Xytan's door. If his hearing was poor, he probably wouldn't have heard this. Xytan tossed the lightsaber on his bed before leaving his bedroom to answer the door.

He quickly noticed who it was when he was close enough. Without hesitation, he answered the door.

"Oh, so you really do sleep down here!" Viola looked at Xytan in surprise.

"Why is this room away from ours?" Jin was also present, and he looked a bit stunned as well.

The people guarding this hallway were the Purge Troopers, they didn't allow anyone to pass through here. However, they remembered these two during their evacuation and saw how close they were to Xytan. With that in mind, they allowed the two to pass on through without hindering them.

"I asked to be away from everyone else, it can get a little noisy at times and like silence." Xytan wasn't lying.

He invited them in afterward.

Of course, Viola wasn't buying it. She could be naive at times, but she had witnessed Xytan ordering those big guys around. Something was off and suspicious about it, but she wouldn't address this now in front of Jin.

"It can get noisy at times?" Jin couldn't agree more, those Younglings could be loud at times.

Once they were inside the suite, they were shocked. It looked so much better than where they were living. Their conditions weren't bad, but Xytan's level of living was clearly of a higher status!

But thinking about how they were taught as Jedi, they couldn't dwell on such things as luxuries. Viola's expression was changing constantly, there was no telling what she was thinking. Jin didn't seem to care much about it after a while, he just took a seat in the kitchen.

Viola narrowed her eyes at Xytan before squinting at him, but she ultimately went to sit at the table with Jin.

"Are you guys hungry?" Xytan feigned ignorance to Viola's gaze and asked them a question.

"That's okay, we already ate before coming here. Those armored guys brought us all sorts of food to eat." Jin shook his head.

"Yeah. They're also trying to set up a schedule to start up classes for us to continue our training. We'll be getting taught by all of the Masters from now on, they can't teach and take just one disciple." Viola looked around and said.

The Masters didn't intend to start their training sessions right away. After all, the Padawans, Younglings, and themselves had just escaped from being executed.

"I see, I don't think we can start training right away, but who said we couldn't do our own little training sessions? Viola, do you have that manual on you?" Xytan turned to Viola.

"Sure do. Here it is." Viola reached into her inner pocket and pulled out the Ataru manual. She sat it on the table for full display.

"Ataru?" Jin read the words before reaching for it and checking out its details. Viola and Xytan were silent, they just watched Jin's reaction as he browsed through the little booklet.

"Nice! Something new instead of Shii-Cho, this is amazing!" Jin quickly browsed through the manual. He found that you needed to be trained physically and harshly to keep up with such a form. Jin was only six, so his constitution was only so-so at his current age; there was no way he could fully utilize Ataru now.

"Hmm, this one will have to wait a bit," Jin shook his head and concluded. Xytan was a bit surprised that Jin knew his own limits, this was actually one of the reasons why Xytan held out on Ataru until now.

"There's more, give me a second." Xytan stood up and went to his bedroom. He grabbed the manuals, his lightsaber, and the Kyber Crystals sitting on his desk. Xytan bought a manual from the system for 200 system points before heading back.

Xytan placed the manuals on and across the table, with all forms ranging from two to five. Jin's eyes widen in excitement before he quickly started browsing each one. Xytan placed Yellow, Blue, and Green Kyber crystals onto the table.

"Oh..." Viola's eyes brightened and she smiled before grabbing one of the Kyber crystals. When she boarded the ship during her escape, she had given her lightsaber to one of the Spartans.

'These two just grabbed anything without warning or asking.' Xytan was a little speechless but he didn't really care.

After about 30 minutes of silence from Jin, he spoke.

"I really like Shien/Djem So, Jar'Kai, and Makashi. I want to learn these fighting styles the most among them." Jin knew he would need to learn them all, but he seemed to highly favor these three.

"Oh, you want to use two Lightsabers?" This was the Manual Xytan bought from the system. Xytan had a feeling that Jin would like to use two lightsabers, and he was right!

"Yeah, for many reasons." Jin happily said. He had read the manual through and through, so he had a good reason. Xytan guessed.

There was another thing that Xytan wanted to train in. He wanted them to train in it as well, the more you know, right? This was Tera Kasi, it was just a mixture of martial arts from his previous world, but it was good for fighting against Jedi and Sith.

He didn't mention this now, but later he would bring it up. His Purge troopers had minor training in Tera Kasi. The Purge trooper(ElectroBaton) displayed a bit of it during their evacuation. Tera Kasi was good against Jedi who tried to attack them mentally, and even against force attacks to some degree.

They all talked about what they wanted to learn. But of course, Viola and Xytan had already been training in these things prior to this, so they had to play it off in the presence of Jin.

Xytan told Jin that if he wanted to train, he had a special spot just for him and Viola. They could train there and enhance their skills silently.

"Perfect! That'll do just fine." Jin grinned deeply, but Xytan could sense many emotions coming from it.

Xytan frowned to himself, they weren't good ones either. He was sensing a bit of vengeance, and the desire for power coming from Jin. This was surely stemmed from what had happened recently, he wanted to get back at those who had done his friends and the Jedi wrong.

"You know, as Jedi, we aren't avengers, right? Getting strong is okay, but that can start to change into something else, you know?" Xytan said firmly.

"Yes, yes, of course. I'll do the right thing by relying on the force to guide me." Jin smiled and agreed. Xytan's mouth twitched slightly, he was saying one thing but he was feeling another!

Now, Xytan had to put a few things in place to ensure that Jin didn't fall. He wouldn't tell him directly, but he would when gave them to him.

Xytan firmly believed that being too Jedi or Sith-like wasn't a good thing. A Sith would sacrifice every and anything for power, even killing their own loved ones to make it happen. Their judgment would become clouded and obscured. This would lead them to make poor decisions that they themselves wouldn't have believed they would ever make or have done.

Anakin was a prime example of this, he even choked out his own wife and regretted it until the day he died.

As for a Jedi, you would start having this sorta self-righteous behavior. Thinking that what your doing is right and trying to force it onto others. In most cases, you'll start showing signs of Fnatic behavior like Mace and the Jedi Council in general.

This was why Xytan believed you should balance these things out because going too deep on each side was dangerous. Viola could feel something off about Xytan from the way he talked, but she wasn't sure what.

Jin and Viola check out the lightsaber, adding different colored crystals to it for fun. These were some of Kyber crystals recovered from the fallen Jedi in the temple. Why leave them there, when they were just going to use them for the Death Star laser or something else weaponized.

Afterward, Xytan, Jin, and Viola left the Suite..

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