89 V.1-C.89│Developments IV│

Within the research and medicine division, Rynalla along with Jenna had alot of work to do.

At least that was on the surface, what they actually were working on, alongside the living medical droids was the 24th chromosome and it was nearing completion.

In fact, one could say it is complete and there is really nothing more to add, all they needed to do now is experiment with it to make sure there are no unsavory side effects.

"Have you checked the genetic stability?" Jenna asked one of the living medical droids.

"Yes Madam, from out projections it should be fine for Human testing." The droid responded.

"What is with you droids and you need to be so polite?" Jenna asked out loud not really expecting an answer from the solemn and cold machines.

"For the Emperor." The medical droid Jenna asked a question to before answered her.

With some confusion Jenna then continues to question since she was answered. "Why exactly are you guys so invested in you 'Emperor' anyway? Are you guys not living and have your own free will now?"

"Blasphemy, one must not besmirch the Emperor and his glorious self. You are lucky your heresy goes unpunished because of your use to the Emperor." Practically all the droids within the room stop what they were doing at Jenna's insolence.

They stared at her which created a weird atmosphere as if she was about to be destroyed but then they went back to doing their own things.

"You shouldn't really say anything to outrageous against my Master as they see him as their god of sorts." Rynalla went up to Jenna.

"They are crazy." Jenna made sure to keep her voice low.

Rynalla then says something that sends a chill down her back. "He is, he did create them after all and it would be prudent of you to keep any of those thoughts to yourself." She said this in a tone that cannot be mistaken as nice.

'What a crazy bunch of beings I am with, maybe I shouldn't have taken the young lad up on his offer...' Jenna thought to herself.

As Jenna was recovering from her shock Rynalla had made her way over to another area of the medical facilities. This place in particular was a special area that was by her master and that it should be guarded at all costs.

No one else was really allowed to enter because it was cultivating something incredibly important. Not even Rynalla who had worked here was allowed to enter, only her master could go in.

She had used her Force-sensitivity to try and get a peek because she was immensely curious and it was not like she would get into too much trouble. She knew when and what she could get away with as long as it doesn't cross the line and sensing through the Force what was on the other side was within her masters tolerance levels.

She was on the verge of getting a basic outline of what was inside but was startled by the presence of her master coming into the building. 'Master!' Forgetting what she was just trying to do she become somewhat like a dog and ran along the hallways to greet Anakin.


Anakin had made his entrance and the medical droids had greeted him with a salute and the standard 'My Emperor!' greeting.

He would be lying if he said he didn't start to like the title as it slowly grew on him. It fit him rather well but he would also be lying if he said he was totally comfortable with it right from the start, at this point they may even just start calling him the God-Emperor or something akin to that.

He fears for what his children in the future may have to go through.

"Yes, yes, you all may return to your work." Anakin spoke to them so as they didn't feel pressured.

They may not have every emotion available to a normal sentient creature but that didn't they had none, in fact it was determined by their programming what they could feel or what they would be capable of feeling upon creating them.

"Skywalker, your here." Jenna approached having felt pressured the entire time after that small incident and was glad that there was someone seemingly sane.

Well, how could she complain when she was quite crazy herself in her own pursuits but it would seem Jenna doesn't realize this.

"Why hello there Jenna, is everything alright?" Anakin replied and was slightly curious as through the Force he could sense her somewhat tumultuous emotions.

"Well... I guess but I think tha-" Jenna was cut off by Rynalla dashing into the room and stopping just before Anakin.

"Master! Y-You are here, what a surprise!" Rynalla had a large smile resting on her face and if Anakin would pinpoint this kind of behavior he would liken it to an excited dog. He could just about see the tail wagging back and forth behind her.

"Calm down Rynalla, you should redirect this overwhelming energy you have." Anakin said to the excited girl.

"Oh! Sorry Master, I was just excited to see you, that was all." Rynalla explained while Jenna just rolled her eyes.

"That is ok, the reason for my visit today is to check in on the progress of the project." Anakin said to them both the looked towards Jenna. "Tell me Jenna, is it ready yet?"

"It is." She was quickly able to recover even if her emotions were still on the fritz. "The only thing we need now is someone to test this on and if everything goes according to projections then we should be able to start mass producing the serum."

"You need a test subject then?" Anakin questions.

"Yes." Jenna answers in confirmation.

"That should be easy enough, in fact there are still some Human prisoners' within the prison facility here on Tatooine." Anakin said then continued. "We have a pretty good crime fighting system here on Tatooine but most criminals dont really deserve to be experimented on."

"There are however a few exceptions to the rule." Anakin finished as he ordered a droid to bring one of these 'exceptions' to the research facilities.

After a few minutes where everyone had gathered to a containment chamber where their test subject was laid out on a table. The man was strapped up and was clearly feral having struggled all the way here and was foaming at the mouth.

It was not like Anakin allowed animals into his prison but that doesn't mean he wouldn't lock them up either.

"Hello, dont worry, if everything goes well your death will come soon enough." Anakin's voice came from the sound system and projected within the room where a throwable droid was there ready to inject the serum.

The droid proceeded to inject the serum as Anakin didn't have a need to say anything else as he considered it cruel enough as it was. The man was still trying to resist before he went still after the injection went through.

From the vital signs and readings his body was going through a metamorphic process, transforming his cellular structure and the entirety of his various systems reinforcing and strengthening his entire being.

Watching the process, Anakin, Rynalla and Jenna were curious of the results and it would seem that nothing untoward had happened just yet.

"Seems like it is a success..." Anakin stated looking into the Force to see if it would be a failure and it wouldn't.

The Force was especially accurate when it came to him asking it for answers and he assumed this was because he was basically its child in a sense.

The criminal then started to go insane with newfound pumping through him as an entire had passed and they only had to wait for the man to awaken. As he did though it became especially clear it was a success and that there was probably the go for the evolution of the Human race.

Potentially not just for Humans but for other species as well.

It was just that Anakin had to create other versions of this serum to help enhance other species to their maximum physical, mental and genetic potential within themselves.

The droid was destroyed and he did significant damage to the interior of the containment bay where the man had destroyed his restraints.

"Right, I think that this is a wrap." Anakin said to the room.

He would then go on to gather the results and put down the prisoner after his usefulness was outlived. Anakin would then proceed to praise Jenna and than had to do so for Rynalla as well because she had become especially clingy.

He didn't want to have her become too much of what was called within his previous life a, 'yandere.' She was quite dangerous and if she learnt of him having other females he was close to, she may do something drastic.

He wouldn't like to put her down as he was entirely willing to knock someone out of commission to ensure the safety of his loved ones. The reason he didn't that much emotion for her and she did for him was strange but his reasoning was because he didn't have alot of time to get close.

On the other hand it would seem she was just twisted in some, no, many ways meaning it would probably continue to be this way.

Anakin can only blame himself for this blunder but it was not like he was unwilling to accept her affections, it would seem though that she was incredibly shy about those emotions. Again a trait that most yanderes shared with each other.


The secret Anakin was working on was the Immortis Gland.

He wanted to complete it for himself as he felt incomplete and that was not just in the logical sense his implants to transform him was incomplete, it was also in the sense when it came to the Force.

His plan to transform the two halves into the respective dark and light of each other was at the forefront of his plans as he believed it would fully complete and add his own twist to such an elaborate design.

He also wanted to inject the 24th chromosome serum into himself and was aware that any genetic modification he would want to be done should be done before he does so.

This would elevate him to levels of power and levels of intelligence unknown and never seen before. He was already quite well within the mythical standards already when it came to his abilities but that didn't mean his journey was complete.

No, he was far from over and would be going through with the Immortis Gland implant in secret. He needed to do so as any distraction would be dangerous.

No Aayla or Barriss could be present and it had to be only himself, in fact he would take all precautions and not even do the last implant underneath the Jedi temple simply because the latent dark side energies may effect the process.

No, it is a guaranteed thing to happen.

So he needed to find a relatively neutral planet and in fact had chosen to go to Andooweel, the agriculture planet under his control because there was no residual energies of either side. In fact he was the only real Force presence on the planet.

Taking some medical droids with him off of Tatooine he moved himself to the planet and he had already set up a base for himself to go through with the operation.

"I need the area secured, the process I am about to begin is very important." Anakin had in fact not even wanted any of the living medical droids and had taken the unliving ones with him.

His paranoia is well granted given he is doing something never seen or heard of before and it would be a process that would likely take up every ounce of his concentration. He may even have to block the Force Dyad's he has formed with the women on Coruscant because he was afraid he would not have enough control.

"Roger, roger." The droids replied to his commands and slowly filtered themselves out of the area that was isolated from the rest of the world. From the rest of the galaxy.

Who knows what weird resonance within the Force may be created due to his actions, as every action has an equal reaction. Especially when it came to the Force because it worked in strange ways, Anakin wanted to be fully prepared.

'Lets begin.' He sat down on the surgical bed before laying himself fully out as he started to control the few medical droids within and himself. The energies within the Force were calling out to him as he began the process.

Within his brain there were two specialized, small spots that would become the epicenter for the dark and light to take place. If possible he would make these two bounce off of each other, forming a symbiotic and balanced relationship.

The Immortis Gland, that Anakin had started to call the 'God-Maker,' was a genetically-engineered organ about twice the size of a thumbnail that existed within the cerebral cortex of each of the Primarchs.

The Immortis Gland may even further increase his physical size and capabilities overall, and while he really didn't want to get any taller it was a sacrifice he was willing to make to become immortal.

The organ would regulate his rapid growth to maturity and his overall metabolism, granting him a lifespan measured in centuries, if not functional immortality. In fact when combining every other factor especially when it came to him, he will essentially become biologically immortal.

His body would recover from any wound, if any limbs were destroyed or cut off he would be able to regenerate and create an entirely new limb along with his cells gaining some new properties that would allow them to better care for the passage of time.

He would gain eternal youth along with biological immortality as his body would stop aging due to the many factors, especially the Immortis Gland.

The Immortis Gland was structurally divided into two hemispheres or valves, the right or 'Dextrophic Lobe' and the left or 'Sintarius Lobe.' After a long process that had him going under alot of pain that he was successful in not transmitting to anyone he was connected to he needed some time to recover.

Anakin didn't have time to think on anything and didn't have time to inject himself with the 24th bio-engineered chromosome because as soon as he was done implanting the complete design of the Immortis Gland he started to work on transforming them using midi-chlorian manipulation.

Making one side delve deep into the energies of the dark side and using it to influence his body and its capacity to become immortal, gaining eternal youth. He also did so for the other side but instead of the dark it was the light with which it was imbued with its own version of immortality.

It was a long, long month after before he would awake from his temporary comatose state and would find himself different.

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