1 Anakin Skywalker

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .

Darth Vader and his twin apprentices' names were known throughout the entire galaxy as conquerors. The Sith Lord, along with his son and daughter, were notorious for conquering entire systems within the span of just a few days and nights using their overwhelming strength and economic power.

Those who did not allow themselves to succumb to the Empire's reign often attempted to fight back, though their efforts were futile due to the sheer strength of the family, resulting in the deaths of billions and the destruction of entire planets.

All legends have their beginning. This legend, the legend of Darth Vader and his twin apprentices, all began after one faithful battle on the lava planet known as Mustafar.

After a long-fought battle, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker stood face to face, using the force to levitate over the scorching Mustafar lava beneath them. With solemn eyes, Obi-Wan looked at who was once his young Padawan, once his brother, feeling nothing but immense pain and guilt. To Obi-Wan, it was no one's fault but his own that Anakin turned to the dark side. With these feelings of remorse, Obi-Wan spoke to his Padawan apologetically.

"I have failed you Anakin, I have failed you."

Anakin, with spiteful eyes, began to spew his delusional way of seeing the world to his master. "I should've known the Jedi were plotting to take over."

This confused Obi-Wan. 'Take over? Has he lost his blasted mind?' The Jedi thought to himself before saying his thoughts out loud to the man who was once his Padawan. "Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine is evil!"

Anakin looked forward, still glaring at his master with hateful eyes as he continued to spew delusions."From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!"

Obi-Wan shook his head. "Well, then you are lost!"

The two continued to float above the lava, not saying a single word as Anakin glared at his master with pure hatred, while Obi-Wan looked at who he viewed as his younger brother and the boy that he failed with regretful eyes.

After seconds of silence above the hot Mustafar lava, Anakin spoke coldly to the man that raised him. "This is the end for you, my master." Anakin's eyes were determined. He was certain that this was the day that he'd finally best his master.

Anakin then flipped off of the debris on which he was floating on, landing on the same platform as Obi-Wan before clashing blades with his master. Once the two blades met, both Jedi held them in place as they stared into each other's eyes. Obi-Wan could sense the blood lust building up as his apprentice's glowing yellow eyes pierced into his soul. Anakin was now lost, and Obi-Wan knew this.

Seeing a stretch of land nearby, Obi-Wan backflipped off of the debris, escaping Anakin momentarily and landing on a hill. While looking down at his adopted little brother, the Jedi master spoke to him. "It's over Anakin, I have the high ground."

These words and the idea that Obi-Wan is both mentally and physically looking down at Anakin infuriated him. His whole life, starting from when he was a child slave, people always looked down on Anakin. Even as a Jedi, the other Jedi Knights saw Anakin as a liability and a loose cannon, they never accepted him for who he was and they are responsible for who he had become."You underestimate my power." He spoke with cold confidence.

Knowing his once Padawan well and understanding how irrational and impulsive the boy was, Obi-Wan shook his head. "Don't try it." Obi-Wan begged Anakin not to do what both Jedi knew Anakin was planning. Obi-Wan was certain that if Anakin were to try and attack him while he had such a great advantage, it would lead to the young man's death by his master's hand.

This doubt angered Anakin even more, in fact, now he felt as if he was being challenged. Without hesitation, Anakin lept in the air, flipping forward as he dodged his master's strike.

Landing behind Obi-Wan, Anakin stabbed backward, impaling his master with his lightsaber right through the center of the chest. Obi-Wan, looking down at the blade passing through his body, spoke his final words as tears began to fall from his face. "You- Were my brother, Anakin. I- I loved you. Why?"

Anakin, eyes shone yellow as he leaned forward to speak into his dying master's ear. "You were never my brother. I've always hated you." Those words, although not truthful, cut Obi-Wan just as much as the blade through his chest. With those being the last words Obi-Wan heard, his soul left his body as Anakin kicked him down the hill, causing his body to roll into the lava below and burn into nothingness.

Anakin glared at his Master's burning corpse with a mixture of hatred and sadness. 'It must be done.' He thought to himself, picking up Obi-Wan's lightsaber and fleeing the scene.

After arriving back at Padmé's ship, Anakin saw her on the ground, barely clinging to life as she lay unconscious. The dark Jedi sprinted over to his lover, picking her up in his arms to speak to her as if she could hear him. "I'm here Padmé. I'm here."

As he held his lover, Chancellor Palpatine, wearing a black hooded cloak, approached the young man, cackling at the pathetic sight and speaking with his gravelly old man voice. "You've done well, my apprentice. You are now worthy of the name, Lord Vader." At the moment, those words meant nothing to the young Jedi. All that mattered to him was saving Padmé.

"Can you heal her? You said with the power of the dark side, you could heal her right!? Teach me! Show me how to heal Padmé!"

Palpatine laughed at the young man's request. "I never claimed to have that knowledge, boy. I only told you the tale of the one who did. That man is dead."

Hearing those words filled Anakin with rage, once again causing his eyes to shine with a bright yellow hue. Gently, he sat Padmé down and turned to face the old man. Palpatine grinned slightly, feeling Anakin's hatred. The negative energy filling the air around the two Force users intoxicated the old man. "That woman would do nothing but hold you back. Let us go, Lord Va-"

Before the old man could finish his sentence, Anakin Force choked his Sith master, pulling him in close so that he could choke the man with his gloved metal hand. Due to the immense strength of the Skywalker, Palpatine could not move a single muscle, all he could do was hopelessly wait for what was about to come next.

The few clone soldiers that were surrounding them began to draw their weapons, only to be met by Lord Vader's bloodthirsty gaze, causing them all to hesitate and lower their blasters.

Squeezing the Sith's throat, Anakin directed his attention back to Palpatine and spoke coldly to his master. "Then you are of no use to me." With his lightsaber, Anakin stabbed the old man in the chest before repeatedly driving his blade into the man's lifeless body until it was nothing more than a hole-filled corpse.

After dropping the body on the ground, Anakin looked toward his new army and began to command them. "Now, you all work for me. Take me to the nearest medical facility. Now!" Anakin then walked over toward his love and picked her up in his arms, staring down at her sadly. "I will save you." He told her.

Using the ship that Palpatine arrived in, Anakin took Padmé and brought her to a place where they could help her.

Having arrived at the medical facility. Anakin stood outside of the operating room, staring hopefully at his wife through the glass. A droid came out from the room, approaching Anakin fearfully as it could somehow feel his anger despite being a machine.

"Medically, she's completely healthy. For reasons we can't explain, we are losing her."

"What do you mean for reasons you can't explain! This is your job!" Anakin's yellow eyes glared at the robot, piercing its non-existent soul.

"I'm sorry sir, it appears she's lost the will to live but we can still save the babies."

"Move!" Anakin pushed the robot to the side before entering the operating room for himself.

Once Anakin was in the room, he stood over his lover's body, looking down at her with pain in his now blue eyes. Their eyes met, causing Padmé to do nothing more but stare at him sadly. "Anakin." She whispered, which prompted him to speak to her frantically.

"I'm here, Padmé! I'm here!"

"Anakin, I- AAAAH!" Padmé began to scream. The babies were coming. The medical staff began to crowd the future mother, calming her down and preparing her to give birth.

Once everything was set, Padmé began pushing out both twins.

First, a boy was birthed. The doctors handed Anakin his son, allowing him to bring the child up to his mother. "Go ahead Padmé, name him. It's a boy." Anakin smiled sadly, awaiting his lover's response.

"Luke." She said with a faint smile of her own. Just as she said the name of her first child, the second one began to come out as well, causing her to scream in pain once more. This time, she gave birth to a baby girl.

With both babies in his arms, Anakin spoke to his lover once again. "It's a girl. What shall we name her?"

"Leia." Padmé whispered sweetly as she looked directly into her daughter's eyes. With her dying breaths, she looked up at Anakin once more to say her final words to him.

"Anakin, I know there's still good… I know there's…" Padmé begins fading away. In an attempt to save her, Anakin handed their twins to one of the medical droids and began to revive her using the Force.

"No! Don't leave me!" Anakin placed both hands over Padmé in an attempt to somehow heal her using the dark side of the force without any knowledge on how to do so. "Somebody help her! Help her please!" Anakin screamed frantically as he continued to use the force on his lover, but his attempts were futile. She was already dead.

The droids and medical staff wanted to inform him that it was too late, however, they feared what he may do to them if those words left their mouths.

"Padmé! Don't leave me! Please! I need you! Padmé!" Anakin continued to try and either heal or resurrect her for the next twenty minutes until he exhausted himself.

Crying over Padmé's corpse, Anakin slowly faded away and Lord Vader was all that remained. Having nothing left but his children, who carry the names which his lover picked, Vader took them from the staff and left the facility, leaving their mother behind reluctantly.

The droids and staff watched as the former Jedi walked away with his children, disappearing in the distance and never to be seen again.

Days later, a funeral was held for Padmé. Neither Lord Vader nor Anakin Skywalker was seen in attendance.


(Five months later.)

Darth Vader, standing in front of a dark cave on Mustafar in his black robes, held his lightsaber tightly as he glared into the abyss. For the last five months, he had conducted thousands of hours of research in an attempt to learn how to make his Kyber Crystal bleed red. The whole time, the place where he needed to go in order to officially become a Sith lord, was the place where his life changed forever.

Vader entered the cave, being met by hundreds of ancient Sith hieroglyphics on the walls, informing him that he has come to the right place. In the center of the cave, there lay a roundtable of sorts. Vader approached it, placing his Jedi weapon on it before taking it apart, exposing the inner workings of the weapon, just as he shall expose his true inner feelings as he attempts to transform his crystal.

Vader held his blue Kyber Crystal up to his face with his hand, glaring at it intensely, yet, with a hint of remorse. Using the Force, Vader began to lift the crystal, holding it in front of him as he began to pour his emotions into it using the Force.

At that moment, Vader's eyes shone yellow, as he continued putting everything he had into turning his crystal red. However, the thoughts of Padmé and his old master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, caused Vader's eyes to begin to fade back to their normal blue color. He was transforming back to Anakin Skywalker unknowingly.

As the emotions built up within both him and the crystal, Anakin was sent flying backward by the crystal's explosion, causing him to slam into the cave wall. Anakin, now with pure blue eyes, began to panic. "No! What have I done!" He exclaimed, thinking about how he betrayed his brother and murdered his wife.

Anakin got back up on his feet before walking back over toward the roundtable and putting his saber back together, filled with regret. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Master. I'm sorry, Padmé. Luke, Leia, I'm sorry."

Anakin left the cave with his Jedi weapon, having changed back into the Jedi he once was. Single-handedly, Anakin Skywalker began taking down all of the remaining Sith in the galaxy, picking up lost Jedi during his journey before completely destroying the Empire altogether.

Once the empire was destroyed, Anakin fled to a forest planet with his two children and the Jedi who he had picked up on the way. Together, they restored the Jedi order. For generations, the Skywalker name was known throughout the galaxy, however, a new Sith inevitably rose from nothingness and the Jedi were defeated once again, completing the cycle.

"Hah!" Anakin, no, Darth Vader awakened on the ground in the ancient Sith cave, breathing heavily after experiencing a force vision. None of the things which he had seen had happened, however, they would have become real if he had abandoned his journey toward becoming a Sith lord.

Getting back up on his feet, Vader approached the table and grabbed the Kyber Crystal with his bare hands, pouring every single negative emotion he had into it.






All of these emotions built up, powering Vader as lightning began to strike down on the planet of Mustafar.

Feeling intense pain throughout his entire body, Vader screamed, still pouring everything he had into the crystal as it slowly began to change color.

"AAAAAAH!" Vader continued to yell in agony, and the crackling of thunder grew louder by the second until one final explosion ended all of the noise.


Vader, who lay on the rocky cave floor, looked down at his closed robotic right fist as it shone red. Opening his hand, Vader's eyes lit up as his Kyber Crystal finally bled red.

Vader got back up on his feet before once again approaching the roundtable. He took his bleeding crystal and placed it inside of what was once his Jedi weapon before putting it back together.

With both hands extended forward, Darth Vader ignited his saber.


Darth Vader stared intensely at his now bleeding lightsaber that was finally completed. At this moment, Darth Vader had officially become a Sith lord.

(Author's Note: Next chapter, there is a moment with Vader and his children. That one small scene will not represent the tone for the rest of the book. It will probably be the only moment like that throughout the whole story. It's there to serve a purpose and to show how Vader differs having not lost everything. That is all.)

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