1 (Darth Vader's apprentice.)

Chapter one:

Boom! A shot blows up the ground near the Dark Lord, but Vader doesn't flinch unlike the men beside him. It had been a week ago since he received the order to liberate the planet of Raven 5 and a boring week it had been. The Rebels here didn't give much of a of a fight nor did the people that lived on the planet. He had not had a real challenge in five years. He at least wished he could receive information from his old Master maybe that would be an interesting fight. He decided to leave his ship and wait for the call that the battle was finished. But before he could a Stormtrooper walked up beside him.

My Lord we have captured a girl. Said the Stormtrooper. Vader was a bit ticked off that the soldier had stopped him for such unimportant news. And why should this information be consulted with me? Darth Vader asked.

Because before we could capture her she took down ten of our troops. Replied the Stormtrooper. Vader was taken back a bit. How old is this girl? He asked.

She looks to be around seven or eight sir. Said the Stormtrooper. Now things started to get interesting. Where is she being held now? Darth Vader asked.

In cell block A-14 my Lord. The trooper responded. As Darth Vader walked towards the cell he wondered if she could be the daughter of a Jedi. If she was than maybe she could be turned so that she would serve the Empire. If she was really great she could become one of the Emperor's Hands. If not than he would kill her where she stands.

As the door opened he saw a little girl crouching in the corner. Chains were tied around her probably to keep her under control. Certainly this was not the girl that they were talking about. She looked like she could barely kill one trooper let alone ten. She had long brown hair, brown eyes, and was hardly fit to be a warrior. She turned to look up and stared at him. She didn't look afraid of him. In fact even though she was looking at him her mind was someplace else. Vader could feel anger and hatred within her not towards him but someone else. There will be no need for those. With a wave of Vader's hand the chains fell to the floor.

Vader walks towards her and gets almost right above her and says. Give me one reason why I shouldn't destroy you. That would put fear in the girl he thought. Yet she still did nothing. After what seemed like hours she finally opened her mouth to speak. If I were only stronger I could have killed them all. When she said that Vader thought he saw in her days before the Empire, he thought he saw himself when he was young and naive. Vader took his saber from his belt. You are quite interesting little girl that is why I will give you a choice. Either grab my hand and be released from this cell or grab the hilt of this lightsaber and be killed. The girl reaches up and slowly touches the saber. You have made a wise decision. Said the Dark Lord of the Sith.

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