1 Prologue

"Damn it!" Vicdean shouted as another bolt passed his Explorer.

Banking to the right, he saw a red flash miss his ship by a hair's breadth.

He glanced behind himself and saw as the three starfighters following him, moved into an arrowlike formation.

He cursed and ignored his precious cargo and dove towards the nearby asteroid field.

The high-pitched sound of laser bolts leaving the starfighter's turrets followed him as he hurtled ahead.

When a new idea came to mind, he had nearly reached the asteroid field.

He suddenly banked to the right, towards the unknown regions, where he knew he wouldn't be followed.

The three starfighters kept up the chase for a few more sectors though, But then as he was passing Thakwaa, his hyperdrive motivator was finally back up and running, he quickly flicked the right switches and pushed down the accelerator, felt light bend around him.

He sighed in relief and leaning back, adjusted his spectacles.

The over an hour-long chase had really drained him and all he wanted now is to have a good night's rest.

He looked back into his cargo hold, which was packed full of scrap metal, and looked longingly at the makeshift bed he had made himself on his first outing.

But he had to resist, his hyperdrive was still damaged and if anything happened he would have to be ready to respond immediately.

So he decided to sleep in his chair.

Vicdean woke up with a start as he felt his ship shake violently.

Looking around frantically he saw that he had exited hyperspace. But it wasn't the place he had wanted to go.


He had somehow ended up deep inside the unknown regions.

Through his window, he could see a rather small but dark planet.

He gulped as he felt something terrible from the cold rock.

He was about to turn away from the planet when he spotted something floating around in the space between himself and the planet.

Slow but surely he piloted his vessel towards it, he was being careful, what for, he wasn't sure, but something inside him said that he needed to keep an eye out.

As he reached the object he noticed that it was a cryo chamber.

It was frozen solid, the black metal now a pale grey.

He quickly turned his ship around so that his loading door would face the chamber.

Placid on an oxygen mask he moved out of his chair and over to the door.

"Three, two, one." Vicdean said to himself before pressing the button.

The door slowly hissed open, revealing the starry expanse of space, and the chamber only a few feet in front of him.

He gulped, reached out and tried to grab hold of it, but it was too far.

Cursing, Vicdean grabbed a nearby rope and wrapped it around himself, attaching it to the ship.

Then with care, he stepped out into open space and grabbed hold of the chamber.

Pulling it inside, he quickly closed the doors and collapsed onto the cryo chamber.

What had compelled him to do such a stupid thing, he asked himself.

He then struggled upright and turned his gaze to the small window of the pod.

Behind it was the beautiful face of a young girl.

She had short pitch-black hair, and massive eyes, more than twice the size of his own.

On her cheeks, she had two metal plates that seemed fuzed to her skin.

Vicdean really wanted to open the chamber then and there but logic prevailed.

If she was in a serious condition, him opening the pod now might cause her to die.

So he decided, "I'll bring her home, to Tatooine."


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