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Chapter one:

Cale Lestin is a seventeen year old scavenger boy on Tatooine and it looked like his life was going nowhere. His mom and dad had planned to pass down their moisture farm to him once they retired. Cale had always heard stories about Jedi and how he dreamt of being one. He had built his own lightsaber out of some spare parts but it didn't work, so he imagined it did. Cale had always looked up to Luke Skywalker because he was from Tatooine. One day his life changed when he went to Mos Eisley Cantina. He had been out scavenging and found some cool parts to sell. He grabbed his portions and went on his way when he sensed someone outside and it just happened to be Rey Skywalker, an absolute idol to him. She was joined by her faithful companion BB-8.

Cale stayed silent while Rey walked passed him. She had grabbed a drink at Mos Eisley Cantina then she gently tapped Cale on his shoulder. Can you meet me outside? Rey asked him.

Cale went outside with no questions asked. What's going on? Cale asked Rey. I sense that the Force is strong with you and I would like to show you the ways of the Force. Replied Rey.

I would love to, Cale said.

What's your name? Rey asked him.

I'm Cale Lestin. Cale replied to Rey's question.

Nice to meet you Cale. I will be at my ship waiting for you.

The only problem is that Cale would have to tell his parents.

Hi mom, hi dad. Cale said.

Look, before you say anything there's something very important I need to tell you. I'm planning on leaving the planet and learn the ways of the Force. Replied Cale.

Both of his parents laughed at him.

You really think that stuff is real, like the Jedi and the Force? His dad asked him.

I believe in it with all of my heart and the Force surrounds us. Replied Cale.

You really need to start working on the farm and get this ridiculous thinking out of your head. His mom said.

I hate you! Cale said then he ran into him so room and cried.

That night while his parents were asleep, Cale snuck out and met Rey at the legendary Millennium Falcon. He had left a note for his parents explaining how this was his dream and that he'll be in good lands.

Are you ready kid? Rey asked him.

More ready than ever. Replied Cale.

Alright let's go. Rey said. And BB-8 chirped happily.

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