1 U.S.S. Delaware: N.C.C. 73816 *Optional lore entry & ship description*

NAME: U.S.S Delaware

Registration: N.C.C. 73816

FLEET CLASSIFICATION: Delaware-class Battleship: Improved Sovereign-class design/ subclass of heavy battleship or dreadnought.


LENGTH: 1370.6 meters (4496 feet 8.63 inches)

WIDTH: 501.2 Meters ( 1644 feet 4.284 inches)

HEIGHT: 176.4 meters ( 578 feet 8.882 inches)

MASS: 6,410,000 metric tons



CREW: 15,130 (standard) 39,000 (emergency), 58,800+ (max. capacity)



ARMAMENTS: 14 phasers arrays; which contain two beams that total: 28, 4 forward quantum torpedo launchers,6 forward photon torpedo launchers ,6 aft photon torpedo launchers, 24 Portside and starboard Phaser pulse cannons, 4 aft quantum torpedo launcher.

DEFENCES: deflector shields, Heavy Duranium Reinforced armor-plating, Adaptive Resilient Shield Array , highly Advanced Point defense system.

AUXILIARY CRAFT: 16 workbees, 24 shuttlecraft, 32 shuttle-pods, 1 captain's yacht

Crew manifest

commanding officer: Human

Captain Jonathan McCreary

first officer: Vulcan

Commander Madden

second officer: Andorian

Lieutenant Commander Sean Kadohata

operations officer: Bajoran

Lieutenant Ravel Dygan

chief engineer: Human

Senior Chief Petty Officer Mateo Rodriguez

flight controller: Orion

Lieutenant Miranda Hawk

chief medical officer: Human

Lieutenant Stevenson

counselor: Trill

Ensign Kenioth Thompson

Overview history of the Delaware:

The USS Delaware ( N.C.C. 73816) was launhed within late September of 2376 six years after her sister ship the progenitor of the class: USS Sovereign ( N.C.C 73800) made her first headway amongst the stars. The USS Delaware later would complete her year long shake down cruise by late 2377 under the command of newly appointed captain Jonathan H. McCreary: one of the many survivors of the USS New Orleans' crew at the battle of Wolf 359, and would go onto command the Delaware for the next thirty-seven years of his career. Partaking in various missions and training exercises with the seventh Fleet stationed at DS9. By early 2405 the Delaware was recalled to sol due to the outbreak with fighting against the Klingon Empire, and for the next four years would take part in heavy fighting against the klingons. By middle of 2409 the Delaware would encounter the Negh'var-class Heavy Battlecruiser: IKS Amar, the duo would face off within the Rolor Nebula: the following vicious battle last a total of twelve hours of hit and run fighting, which left the Delaware badly damaged, and the Iks Amar was destroyed. The Delaware then limped back home to Earth spacedock with the help of the updated constitution-class heavy Cruiser: USS Surprise, and the Miranda-Class Destroyer USS Cumberland running escort Duty. Upon arrival to drydock the Delaware underwhen six month evaluation upon the tactical readiness of the Sovereign-class as a whole, and found undesirable flaws within the design that left Starfleet high command unsure of the Sovereign-class's future. So it was decided that instead of designing an entirely new class of starship they would improve the already reliable sovereign-class as a template, and based it off an existing design to make a new & Improved class all together. Due to the overwhelming amount of Sovereign-class vessels still in service, and after four long years of trials and errors the Delaware was launched late October 2413 from Earth spacedocks, and would undergo a two long shakedown cruise; before returning back to Earth spacedocks to undergo minor improvements, and changes before being officially listed by mid 2415, and four weeks later would be dispatch to the frontier to handle an mysterious warship attacking merchant shipping.

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