Star Trek: The Far Side Of The Galaxy ( Up for adoption) Book

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Star Trek: The Far Side Of The Galaxy ( Up for adoption)


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The year is 2415, the crew of the USS Delaware ( N.C.C. 73816); a old Sovereign-Class battleship is readying themselves to depart from Earth Spacedock's shipyards after completing her four year long refit, and restoration to link backup with the rest of the Seventh fleet station at Deep Space Nine. However, when the Delaware is recalled by a priority one transmission from Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn, the Delaware under the command of Captain Jonathan McCreary would be redeployed to the far flung corners of the known frontier; enorder to track down a mysterious warship of unknown origins that has been raiding local merchant shipping, and brings them into contact with a distress call that will bring both the Federation and the rest of the alpha quadrant into a Galaxy spanning conflict; which will usher in a new era of discovery and war while opening the doors to an old republic upon the far side of the galaxy. (I don't own star trek or Star wars.)


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