1 Something bold for the first time

" Hey Sayan, what's your social media ID name?"

"Hmm? Well, I don't have any social media. Why you ask?"

" Oh, it's just that, we can't communicate with you after school."

" Oh, that's the case. Well, my mom won't like me having a social media account, so I think I will pass opening one "

" I see."

This is one of the most common conversations I had with my back in school days. Everyone used to have social media and do a lot of crazy stuff. I always held back thinking of my situation and never paid much attention to those thoughts.

When I was 11, I saw my parents getting separated. I decided to stay with my mother since she was on the right page. I always tried to do and keep things on my own as I never wanted to trouble my mother since she was already going through a lot. So, I thought by having any social media, my father could try to contact me and it might bother my mom. That's why I never used any smartphones or social media, until that day...

I was on my way going home from school. As usual, I was waiting at the signal with my bicycle because it was high noon and the roads are too busy. A bus came by and stood beside my bicycle. I never used to haze around on the road since it's risky, but the signal was taking too long so I just gave a look at the bus, the moment I turned my head my eyes met with a girl's eye. Cold chills ran through spines as my eyes got stuck to hers for a moment and the next moment I quickly turned my head focusing on the road. " What the hell? What the hell? She might think I'm checking her out " thoughts ran across my mind. " But her eyes were beautiful, deep like an ocean, should I check again to confirm it?

That was the first time a girl was on my mind and I was thinking about a girl's beauty. Call it infatuation but that was also something new to me. So when I was about to turn again to see her, The green signal came and the bus went ahead, but I was still there, thinking what just I saw, what just happened to me. They say, you never fall in love by yourself, love captures you. Did something happen like that to me?

The next thing I know was coming home and instantly opening a social account and simultaneously wondering what I just did?

Quite a bold step for someone like me, isn't it?