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What will happen when a novel maniac like us fall in love?! This novel is too good to be true . I just today berated myself for not writing a review soon 🀨 And you will both the ml and fl . They both are not the typical cold CEO . They are fun actually and I laughed a lot ,I should say hearing their own thoughts .πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈβ€οΈ


A well-detailed synopsis. The story starts very interesting and lets the reader immerse in the airport scene. The conversation are written very well and flows perfectly. The dynamic of the people and their conversation with each other makes the story richer. MC's character is very likeable. It is a good read!! With great writing and grammar!!!!


I literally fell in love with this book. It is so amazing that I can't get enough of it. The characters are so good and the writing style is also very amazing😍. The leads what should I say about them even if I want to describe I can't cuz you should read this to know and to understand them . This book contains a high level of humor that I love πŸ’œ . There are not many books which contain this type of humor. It makes laugh and smile so much. In a romantic book it is not only about romance and love it should contain humor too which this book has ... Author thank you so much for writing this wonderful book πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


Very engaging from the first chapter, very interesting scenes and interactions from the first chapter. Lina is a character with a very strong personality which is evident from the first scene, looking forward to see all the ways she'll evolve. A large cast of characters that all seem to have agency and compelling motivations!


The summary is a bit big but a new concept. I liked it. No family hatred drama like usual novels. Love Asst Kim! Every girl deserves a wife slave like him.


i really really like to read this one the story plot was just light my preferred novels live how the story flows even the characters no depressing chapter just happy


A novel that is really worth to read. Love the characters and developing chemistry between ML and FL every time they encounter. And the writer describe skill is very very good. I just lost on own world when reading and couldn't help to image everthing and every scene perfectly. Good job!


a very well n properly written synopsis....a flawlesswriting, vry nice story description of characters are nicely done in short a great effort by author


The story is really good. So many secrets. and It's unwrapping one by one. The interaction between the ml and fl is also really cute and sweets. And their relationship is developing constantly. Not like the usual insta-love. Totally recommended!!!


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I like that the story is told from both point of views, both ML and FL. I also like the little inserts from the author in the midst of the story. FL doesn't seem to be a damsel in distress type of a character, which is very refreshing as I believe we need more self-made and strong FL in contemporary romances. I think it was hilarious how the ML was so bothered by being called a creep. :D Here I will point out a few things that I hope will help the author in the long run. :) The grammar: So far, it is an easy read and quite compelling, I find myself pulled into reading further. Still, the story will need a little bit of proofreading and some editing to make the flow seamless and pleasant. Minor things and very easy to fix. :) Description: I like it, so far quite well described and fun, yet, as I mentioned in the grammar, some editing can really bring out the surroundings and the characters more vividly, and brings the background into life for the reader. To sum it up: I like the flow of the story and how it changes POVs between the leads. It really brings out the different personalities they have and how they may complement each other in the future. The story looks promising and fun with twist and turns. I'm curious on how the relationship will develop between the two leads, and will read on to see how it all turns out. Keep up the good work, author! :)


Well this is the 14th romance novel I've read here on webnovel and I have to say, I'm very impressed. I like how Tina is not like other Mcs where female leads are timid and quiet. Her thoughts and fantasies are beautifully presented. The writing quality is also decent. I've read upto chapter 17, it has been a good read so far. Thus after considering, I review this novel as a 4.6 star. Good job Author! Hope you keep it up.


A very detailed synopsis you have here, bro... It's enough for readers to have the slight peek of what kind of story you have to offer. Writing Quality is really good and the dialogues and conversations they're having is easily flowing through the readers minds. Anyways, keep up the good work


First of all, the synopsis was very well written. It was not short and not long and put forth the major theme of the story and gave a peek into the personality of the main character. The writing quality is good, i didnt find many mistakes or grammatical errors. But it could do with a little more details to make the readers fully immerse in the scene. The characters are pretty interesting and I like the interactions between Reuben and Assistant Kim, and between Lina and Uncle Pat. And I like that Lina purposefully misleads Lucille and Mandy just to see them shoot themselves in the foot. Overall, its a very fun and interesting read.


Reading this work made me realize that a good pacing makes the story flow smoothly that you never realized that you are at the end of the chapter. The main female lead is interesting (although she has her quirks) and the story has a good setting. I sincerely wish that more people will discover this story and add it to their collections. Author, more power to you and keep it up!


Nice story you've got here, can't wait for more!


My goodness, author you have such an awesome way of describing a character. In the first chapter I was literally able to imagine our female leads posture of looking at her nails, checking her clothes, and specially that cutting the call. Aaahhhh it's just super awesome. If anyone is thinking twice Abt reading please just give it a read. Trust me one chapter and you will be hooked to it.


Badass female leads are really fun to read. The synopsis and title page are interesting. Characters' interactions are portrayed well. It has a well-written plotline either and the character design is cool, especially the fl and her parents. Overall, it's a great a read!


Hey my readers! It's the author here. This is my first book and I'm a complete novice at writing but I really do enjoy myself while I'm writing this story and I hope that you too can enjoy this as much as I do. I will be writing about both the MC and ML's POV in this book and neither of them are OP. Read my book to follow Lina's journey from her romance novel expectations to what life really throws at her. I would also like to see your comments about what you thought while reading my book. Lot's of love!


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