1 Airport Encounters (1)

Walking into the airport with her luggage in one hand and her phone in the other. She looked around to find the waiting area. 

'Damn, how could I have overslept!! Good thing mommy wasn't home or I would never hear the end of this. Made it in time though.' She shrugged.

 'Ah found it!'

Lina Yang with her tall model-like figure made heads turn as she navigated toward the VIP section.

She had long chestnut-colored hair that fell loosely over her shoulders and big sunglasses that covered her hazel eyes.

Lina had been taught to be vigilant and conscious of her surroundings at all times. Thus she immediately noticed people's eyes on her.

'Did I wear something weird again? Why are they staring?' 

She stopped to notice what she wore this morning in her hurry.

She looked down and saw her usual style of clothing. 

'Phew! Just the same old jacket. What's wrong with this? Don't they know that this is fashionable? Hmph! ' 

She rolled her eyes behind her sunglasses and began walking once again. 

 What she had failed to notice was that she looked like a badass biker in her black leather jacket and the boots which made her look taller, not that she needed them. She just loved how they made her butt pop with the perfect curve. 

She finally reached the waiting area and let out a small groan.

'Fuck! Why did I have to wear these boots!!? I'm gonna have such sore feet with terrible blisters after this long-ass flight. Note to self - Should never prioritize looks over comfort.'

She cried internally but had a poker face on the outside. 

As she took her seat and slouched her back, she wriggled her fingers to check out her recently polished acrylic nails.

Beautiful and long matte black nails.

'And the lady wanted me to get them in pink. What am I, 12?'

She rolled her eyes and then took off her sunglasses. 

Lina looked like the typical rich kid who was vain to a default and that's what people assumed her to be. But she never cared about what others thought about her or at least she tried not to.

The young man sitting next to her with a baby in his arms was trying to look at her in a subtle way but was failing terribly. 

'Why do guys think they can look without us noticing? Anyway, I don't feel any bad vibes from him so I'll let him be.'

She was deep in her thoughts when she was startled by her ringing phone. 

Spongebob's closing theme song was heard loud and clear in the silent room. 

Looking at who the caller was, she groaned and hit her forehead with her palm.

'Shit! I forgot to call and inform her that I reached the airport on time. ' 

Immediately answering her phone, she straightened her back as if she was a soldier in the army. 

"Hey, mommy dearest!" She greeted her mother.

Mommy Yang was a strict lady who always drilled being ladylike into Lina's head and she would've gotten a knock on her head if her mother was here to witness her slouching back.

"Nana baby did you reach the airport or are you still sleeping? I know I should have gone with you. How are you going to manage alone? I'm so worried! .."

Mommy Yang started her monologue without even waiting for Lina's answer. 

"Mom!!" Lina's whisper yelled.

Then looked at her surroundings and gave an awkward smile and mouthed 'Sorry' to the guy next to her whose baby she had startled.

He gave her a reassuring smile and moved the baby side to side trying to put it back to sleep. 

"Mommy I'm already at the waiting section and I was here on time."

"Oh really? But that's not what Butler Wang told."

"Shit! Umm…" Lina was interrupted before she could say anything in her defense.

"How many times have I told you not to cuss! Be a lady! And…"

"Waahhh…  Waahhhh…"

The sound of the baby's loud cries cut off Mommy Yang who had just started her new monologue. 

"Mommy, I can't hear you clearly. I'll call you once I meet Uncle Pat. Love you. Bye! Muah!! "

She hung up before her mom could reply.


At the beach house, Mommy Yang had a devilish smile as she put the phone down. 

"How dare she hangs up on me! Looks like I've been too lenient these days." She mumbled. 

She turned to look at her husband who was painting her toenails red and sighed. 

"Hon, do you think she'll be fine there? " She asked worryingly.

Simon Yang stopped blowing on her nails and looked up. 

"Di, she's 22 years old not 2. She needs a little independence. We taught her well plus she has Pat there to take care of her." 

Papa Yang tried to console her but that obviously wasn't working as he saw her mouth twitch and creases appear on her forehead indicating her clear annoyance. 

"Don't remind me! That's what I'm most worried about. Your younger brother is completely useless. She bats her lashes and looks like a sad puppy and he'll buy the stars for her." 

Diane Yang harrumphed and turned her head aside with her cheeks puffed up looking like a pufferfish. 

Simon Yang got up and kissed her cheek. 

"Aww squirrel, don't be mad. You know she's in safe hands and our baby knows self-defense plus I've arranged guards to watch over her from a distance. To top it all up, I've already given her my best pro tip."

Curious about what it was, Diane turned to look at him. 

"Which is?"

"If someone tries to piss her off just kick him in the balls. Simple." Simon was proud of his little suggestion and smiled radiantly.

Diane facepalmed. 

"You are the reason why she cusses all the time! Such a bad influence on her. Do you have to use such dirty words all the time?"

Diane asked with a scowl on her face. 

Simon bent towards her and with his lips touching her ear, he whispered.

"But you did not seem to mind my dirty words when we were in bed last night." His voice was deeper and huskier than before.

He then gently bit and nibbled on her earlobe. 

Diane's entire face turned a deep pink as she trembled a little. 

"Stop! It's still bright outside." She tried to reason with him.

Hearing Simon's hearty laugh that followed, she covered her face with her palms. 

"My cute squirrel, has that ever stopped us before?" He growled in her ear and gave it one last kiss.

He did not waste any more time and carefully picked her up in his arms.

As he strode towards the bedroom, Diane buried her face in his chest and blushed.

"You always know how to shut me up. Hmph!!"

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