78 Tomb of Two Lovers (4)

"Senior Sister, what is that over there?" I could make out some sort of box shape in the fading light and the soft blue glow of my chains; however, I didn't dare rush to it.

Not after my string bindings somehow turned into thick shackles! And not only that, but they're literally as thick as those scriptures that Senior Sister made me copy over and over again! (;_;)

My poor hand hurts just thinking about it. (´• ᴗ •̥`✿)

Or maybe it's just my chains cutting off my circulation. ( ;∀;)

Aiyah, Senior Sister, wasn't kidding about these chains becoming larger with each attempt.

"Hmm," Senior Sister hummed as she shone her light in the box's directions. "It looks like the tombs…

As well as the exit?"

Eh? The exit? ?(・_・;?

Wait. (O∆O)

Does that mean the only way out here is through dying! ∑('=';)

I'm too young to die! ヽ(´A`ヽミノ´A`)ノ

I haven't even explored the whole central valley yet, or even seen the west! What about the mountains and endless seas?!

Even worse, the treasure! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

I haven't seen a single sparkle of treasure yet! Does that mean this auntie is going to die no different than a beggar? Treasureless and penniless?

No good, no good! (Д゚≡゚Д゚)

"Why are you freezing," Senior Sister suddenly cut into my panic as she raised a brow in my direction. "You usually rush towards these kinds of things, without a care in the world."

"T-this, this is different!" It's not like I deliberately seek out death or anything! Those things just… happen. (゚ω゚;)

But this is clearly different! If death is clearly within one's view, who would blindly go into it? (๑•̀A•́๑)

"Hmm," a soft smile found its way on Senior Sister's lips as she crossed her arms. "To think my Junior Sister would have a little bit of fear in her.

I never thought that I would see this day so soon."

"Hmph, I'm not scared!" Geez, doesn't Senior Sister know that she's more terrifying than death itself? (#`ε´)

I'm not scared, just… cautious.

It's a little suspicious if the exit we're searching for happens to lead to some boxes that suspiciously look like coffins.

I am just saying. (@ˋ _ ˊ@)

Plus, there hasn't been any treasure so far, so that's even more terrifying. _(:_」∠)_

"Let's go! This junior isn't scared, and the others must be waiting for us!" Yanking on my 'leash,' I pulled Senior Sister along into the darkness.

Sure enough, my assumption was right.

The box was a coffin! Σ(゚口゚;)//

However, I didn't expect it to be one big box instead of two regular sized ones.

"It seems like they wished to be buried together in the same coffin," Senior Sister observed as she crouched down to read the fine text in the fading light. "It was their final wish.

To be born in two different blankets, yet buried in the same funeral shroud."

"Hmm," I nodded as I tried to look at what Senior Sister was reading. "Well, I suppose they aren't legends for nothing. This is somewhat romantic in some way.

Hey, Senior Sister.

Would you like to be buried this way? Your partner in the same coffin as you?"

"A-ah, why are you asking this," Senior Sister sputtered as I noticed her face started to dust pink.

"Eh, just curious," I shrugged. I mean, this is a great opportunity to get to know Senior Sister a little bit more. Though I have to admit, the area is a bit inappropriate.

"I-I mean, I wouldn't mind if it was with the right person."

Hehe, so cute! (*^^*)

"Hmm, good to know." (◕v◕✿)

"What about you?"

"Me?" 「(°ヘ°)?

"Yes, what do you think about being buried in the same coffin with the one you love?"

Hmm, wouldn't it be kind of cramped? (´・_・`)

I mean, I guess this coffin looks pretty big, but that means that its owners had some coin to spend on such extravagance.

"Aiyah, not really.

It seems to be too much of a hassle trying to set everything up. I think if I were to die, it's better to just burn my body without the hassle of having to arrange a tomb.

I'm not sure what my partner would choose, but I think it would be kind of cool to mix our ashes instead. That way, we could, um… be one even after death.

Ah-ha, it's kind of weird, isn't it?" Geez, Na Ran, what a way to spoil the mood. ( ד○ ד;)

"Ohh... not at all. I think that it's quite romantic when you think of it like that," Senior Sister smiled, one that I have not seen before.

It wasn't a maliciously cold one or her rare soft one. This smile was very different, but I couldn't place my finger on it. Therefore, it must be a new smile that Senior Sister is showing me!

The mood suddenly turned into something that I can't quite explain.

Although it was a little awkward, like, how did this conversation transition from burials to whatever this feeling was. It kind of felt nice in some way. Like a warm and fuzzy feeling I felt whenever Senior Sister kissed my hands when I got hurt, or just being around her.

Hmm, weird. Very weird. I can't wrap my head around it.

Maybe I should ask Bai Yin or Xiao Lan!

I'm sure they would know what I'm feeling, right?

"Eh, anyway," trying to change the subject, I pointed at the little drawings that decorated the out walls of the coffin. "What are these pictures saying?" They were accompanied by a language that I couldn't quite recognize.

It looked quite fancy, too, with all of the squiggles and stuff. Much more squiggly than the scripture that Senior Sister makes me write in.

"Hmm," Senior Sister tapped her chin as she brought the light closer to the images. "These pictures tell the story of the two lovers as well as a small folk talk."

"Oh! Read it to me, Senior Sister!" I wonder if the two lovers' tale is the same as the ones that others were telling earlier. Though, I'm sure in this version there would be more details.

"Let me see," Senior Sister muttered. "There was once a being known as 'The Love Bird.' It had two heads, two wings, two legs, and one heart.

Together, it said that they would spread love and joy to each place that they touched.

However, tragedy struck one day for this unfortunate being, as it had suddenly lost its other half.

Now, left with one head, one wing, one leg, and a broken heart, the love bird searched for sanctuary for its wounds.

The love bird flew for days and months until it could not fly longer.

Landing by a pond, the love bird took a sip of water.

Yet it couldn't bear to see its reflection, as it only reminded the love bird of what it had lost and what would never return."

Senior Sister stopped as she looked at me before flashing me a small smile as she patted my hand. "Junior Sister, are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" ( ;v;)

"You're crying."

"No, I'm not! It's, it's just some dust in my eyes," hastily wiping my teary eyes, I urged Senior Sister to continue reading. "Continue; I want to see how the story ends!"

However, before Senior Sister could continue, I noticed that the tomb's lid started to rattle! What the f*ck! Σ(゚Д゚;)

Are we dealing with zombies!? I haven't learned how to pacify zombies yet! ε=ε=(っ*´□`)っ

Forget about being buried with her future partner; it appears that Senior Sister might have to settle with this junior instead because I'm not liking where this is going!

However, instead of a skeletal hand or a zombie face popping out, a white light spilled out as well as the faint scent of plum blossoms?

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Suddenly, the lid of the coffin flew off the top, and the cave started to rumble!

How is this possible!? ∑(゚∇゚|||)

"Get down, Senior Sister!"

The whole room was soon engulfed in the blinding white light that started to make my head feel light and dizzy as the overly sweet and fragrant plum blossom smell permitted everywhere.

Ugh, I'm feeling sick… This place needs some fresh air because this perfume is just too strong. (*>_<*)

"What… is happening…?

Senior Sister?" Senior Sister didn't respond as I felt my consciousness slip away; however, I didn't like how I couldn't sense Senior Sister anywhere.

"Senior Sister… are you there?" Groping around with my eyes closed, I tried to find Senior Sister, yet all I could grab was cold stone.

Senior Sister, where did you go? (´・_・`)

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