1 Goodbye,home

[Yoona's Pov]

"Yoona! Hurry up!"

"Just wait!"

Well,Today is the day I'm moving to his house.My Bestfriend,Jimin,Set me up with his lonely bestfriend so he could atleast have company.I finished packing last night,and I was still here,because I didn't want to leave my house so soon.I lived here with my late brother,and there's so many memories that I still don't want to leave yet.They said the guy's name was Min Yoongi.He was 3 years older than me,His birthday was somewhere in March,and I assume his year was 1993.I forgot some things Jimin told me about him,but I'll ask later on.

I wonder if he like cats,because I have one,his name is "Peace".Jimin named him for me,it's a boy and it's a calico cat.Or does he like being noisy? I wonder if he has an ex.Does he prefer scary movies than romance? Does he like black or white?

"Earth to Yoona!" Jimin yells in front of me.Waving his hand in front of my face while his other hand was behind his back."I'm back,I'm back." I said to him."What were you thinking that it was so deep? You're think about Yoongi aren't you?" He teasingly smiled,his eyes turning into crescents.Then,it shot me.Why didn't I date Jimin instead again? Oh right,He liked someone,whose name is "Jiwon".I haven't met her,but from Jimin's stories,I guess she's good,and perfect since she has reached Jimin's high standards.

But for my case,I have a low,and simple standard for men.I want someone,who likes who I am,and cares and loves me until our last breath.I just want a simple good looking man."Yeah I was,so?" I acted confident."Come on,he's waiting for you." He smiled and took Peace from my arms.I took one last look in my bedroom and glanced at the key in my hand.I smiled and went downstairs,I locked the door and gave my house one last look.I smiled.


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