Spoiling my little wife!
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Spoiling my little wife!


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What is Spoiling my little wife!

Spoiling my little wife! is a popular web novel written by the author Joyshree_Ghosh, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, COMEDY, MODERN, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 205K readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 49 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"This is completely different from all my other books. The FL is not from Mafia or very good in fighting or something but I'm sure you'll love the way how the ML will take care of her. Enjoy reading" She was spoiled by her parents from her childhood but her life changed after her mom's death. Her dad got a new mom for her who schemes against her everytime. The spoilt little princess was in trouble then she gets herself a new hubby to go against her stepmother. He is the man of his word. Cruel, ruthless and arrogant yet most handsome and successful multibillionaire businessman from the most prestigious family of the world. He meets a girl who's whole different from him. He's the DEVIL who's on her side. He hates arrogant and spoilt girls but this one is different. He wants to discipline her yet spoil her like anything! "You're mine to bully and mine to spoil. No one is allowed to bully my little wife", he whispered into her ears. "You are my hubby. MINE", she said innocently and in a possessive way. He will make sure to turn the lives of the others who dares to touch or bully his little wife a LIVING HELL!! She does everything he never thought he would tolerate. She dares to disrespect him, throw tantrums on him, ask for anything she likes and even call him by nicknames. ... Connect to the author: Instagram: joyshree_author Discord: https://discord.gg/v9hWnpx


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The story plot is very up to the mark. Characters are very well designed and characterised mainly the names in itself describes their personality in some points. I just love reading this novel without getting bored.


very good story highly recommended[img=recommend] wonderful character development and the way they portrayed in this novel is good, not so cringe and not so dumb but very relevant. the update is a little less fast, I hope author can update fast so we can enjoy this story sooner. *once again* STRONGLY RECOMMENDED


This book is Awesome at least from my veiw it is. I don't know about other. The character development was good and I really like the way Author put Different POV. The Events were also good how all the events progess there relationship. And the best part was how Author write different ch for side story.


the writing quality is really good but the stability of updates is really slow the story development is really amazing and the character design daisy is really cute


It's such a great story. .I really loved it. . Firstly I started reading on mt but now here I am😁 only for this lovely story.. But author I'm sad because you updated only 2 chapters in a week. .I know you also have many works but it's a humble request please update more chapters in a week🤗🤗


when I read the synopsis I was very interested, but when I started to read the novel interested is a very understatement, I personally like this novel very much, I wait everyday and check everyday for the update and when it comes I with full enthusiasm read it, I strongly recommend this story for people who want less drama between the mains cast and only love and understanding 🤗[img=recommend]


Can someone please tell me other novels like this? I like the books that when the FL is spoiled quite a lot by the ML. THANKS IF POSSIBLE.[img=recommend]


she spoiled and he hate spoiled girls but when it come to her he finds it adorable. she lost her mother at a young age her father remarried but only hes ther physically but not emotionally to the point of noticing she being bullied.


it's an interesting novel, the suspense is good ad it keeps glue to ur phone. I love that all d brothers fall in love ad with a deep ad hot romance


in one of this chapter xavier told that he will let daisy take the company and i think is a really good idea and i really love the way he treat daisy and i want more 18 + thank u for this story


Love this story.... Update pls..... Nice bonding between ML and FL.... Interesting characters.... Looking forward for more episodes... Update soon ...


it's really interesting and nice. all characters are really something that connects everyone and they are similar but different. explanation of all characters and situations are really amazing . .


[img=update] I really like this book a lot. I am in love with the plot and the characters. Specially our lead couple. They are sooooo sweet. OMG. I wish to have a guy like Xavier ❤️💘


it's very good story and sweet too...I really love this story. the story is different from others not like other stories in which always misunderstanding occurs. the bond between main characters is vry strong I really appreciate the author for her such a grt work.


I love this novel........... Interesting .... All about love........ So good....... I also love to read this novel.... It is so so so good......


Hey author🙏😁, how are you. I really love this book especially the bond and love ❤️ between the couple and I really hope I will also be getting this type of love in my life 🙂.




please don't worry I won't be there for the owner to do this week or so but 6th day second is a day is a great week I am 8AM to see how much time


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