1 The Beginning

How long does it take to reach the Heathway school from my home? Exactly 33 minutes and 52 seconds. That was a good time, I have never breached it nor came earlier. After all I planned my whole morning like this.

I wake up and get ready. My mother used to tell me that I was a sleepy head when I was younger. I'm glad that I took care of that habit. Therefore I wake up immediately. In my usual routine I pull my long brown hair into a ponytail and then put them into my usual bun. Glancing at the monitor I see that I'm still in time. I easily slip into my school uniform which consists out of a shirt with a neck tie as well as some long pants. The shirt is white and the rest is black, it's a simple and non-distracting design.

I then proceed to go downstairs. Normally both of my parents sit there, at the dining table and greet me with a smile. Today I only see my mother looking at the newspaper.

"Good morning Alex", she greets me and smiles. In front of her is an empty plate since she waited for me to get up and eat breakfast with her. "How is my perfect daughter feeling today?".

"Very well. And how are you feeling?", I smile back though my curiosity got the best of me so I added unusual dialog: "Where is dad?".

"I'm feeling good as well", she smiles again and then stirs in her coffee. "Your father is at work right now. There has been an emergency but do not worry dear. Sit down and eat a bit, you must be hungry after studying so hard yesterday".

I laugh and flash a smile: "You know me too well mom" to which she only replies with: "Of course I'm your mother!". We both laugh as we sit down together and eat. She tells me about her work and that today one of her coworkers has his birthday. I tell her about my subjects today. It's the usual routine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I then leave the house, exactly 1 hour 3 minutes and 52 seconds before school starts. It's necessary to be 30 minutes earlier there. Not for everyone of course. Some people still have a bad sleeping habit and others have a longer way to school. Or the bus is delayed.

So why is it necessary that I am 30 minutes earlier? I am a role model. The class president. I have to take care of the assignments, talk with the teachers about the workload and calculate it. I have to greet my classmates and have a great bond with everyone. After all I have to represent them all so I have to know their personalities and schedules.

I go to my bike but when I finally reach it I see a problem: It's a flat tire. My eyebrow twitches but I just take a deep breath. Probably the neighbor kids playing pranks again. Meaning I also have to leave dad a message so he can tell their parents. After all my father works for the public surveillance taking care of those little problems.

However this is nothing I didn't calculate. I am no ordinary role model after all. I take a deep breath and then I start to take a run for the station. I will arrive there in 7 minutes and 34 seconds with my stamina. Then I will reach the train just in time.

I feel my breathing pattern rising higher and higher. I am almost out of breath when I reach the station and run through the terminal. The scanner in front easily scans my DNA so I don't have to pull out my ID.

I then jump into the train just as the doors were about to close. A small child claps at my perfect leap to which I just smile. His mother stops him since it's impolite to do that in public transport. I'm still in time. Still perfectly in my planned schedule.

I reach the station in time and still have 1 minute and 4 seconds left to reach school. With a small nod I quietly say goodbye to the child, get into a running position and then once the doors open – I leap out onto the streets.

40 seconds. The traffic light switches from green to yellow as soon as my foot touches the street. But I know my running speed. I can easily reach the other side.

Red. My second foot touches the other side just in time. 10 seconds until the traffic starts once again. White bubbles with people in suits quietly wait there only to start once again with more than 100 km/h.

My schedule is perfect. Everything as usual. Though I go out of line today. I look behind me.

My brain processes the scene withing a second. There is a child. Still standing on the street. The light is red.

Nine seconds. My mouth twitches. I leap forward.

4 seconds. I am in the middle of the street, grabbing the child. People around me turn around at my sudden action. Only now do they notice the dire situation. Luckily I can process things faster than usual without a medical advancement.

2 seconds. I speed up. I know I need 4 seconds to reach the other side with the child as extra baggage.

0 seconds. The small bubbles speed up to me as I reach the other side just in time. A personal record but I am not to celebrate this. I was lucky this time.

The child starts crying and my whole body feels like it's been electro shocked. I want to start shivering, I want to scream, I want to cry. I almost died by miscalculating. Instead I stand up tightening my muscles. I force my mouth to form a smile. A Role model has to stand strong.

I hear voices like: "A hero!" or "What a good child, she saved him!" or "I told you to not let go of my hand!". I only bow and then look towards the mother scolding her child. "Please take more care of your child miss, he could have did right now".

Then with a smile I run over the street again once the traffic light tuns green. My whole body feels sluggish and I want to hurl over in a corner. The image still flashes before my eyes. I still feel the weight of the child in my hands. I still see the other side of the street. Pedestrians looking at me. Some wear suits others their work uniform.

But no one reaches out for me. I feel sick at the thought.

No. No no no. They had no obligation to help. I close my eyes to get rid of these distracting thoughts, still running.

I reach the school gate 28 minutes and 45 seconds before school starts. Now I really want to hurl into a corner.

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