3 A Beach-y Life


I woke up 2 hours earlier. I don't want to be late for my first job like what happened yesterday. That Hisashi guy can't bitch on me now. Heh.

Last night, I was staying up late memorizing the list that the information desk lady gave me right before I left the building. I didn't even notice how late it got. So, I set my alarm earlier than expected.

Suddenly, I heard the familiar footsteps of my mother heading towards my room. When I opened the door, her worried face is the first thing that I see. I tilted my head in confusion, puzzled at why she's unnecessarily worried about me.

"You said your work is at 6:00, right Monmon?" Monmon is what she and my dad call me. It's a childish pet name that got stuck with me until I reached adolescence.

That aside, I don't know what my mom is worried about. "Yes but what about it? I woke up 2 hours early today though," I said, glancing at my motionless wall clock.

'Motionless?' I creased my brow and rushed to my clock, grabbing it in my hand as I fixated my gaze at the clock.

I turned to my mom, eyes as wide as saucers. "Monmon, your clock is not working anymore! Didn't you remember?"

"So you mean-?"

"It's almost 6!"

I didn't even have the liberty to thank my mom or place the clock back properly. I grabbed the clothes I prepared beforehand and rushed to the bathroom. Whatever things I knocked down, I didn't care anymore. To hell with getting a good first-no, second impression! I must arrive there no matter what. I don't want to hear his lecture!

My clothes aren't even ironed, and he commented about my appearance yesterday. I'll just have to bear with it. I really don't have enough time.

After getting dressed, I picked up my bag that I prepared too-good thing I was a girl scout-and literally jumped down the stairs. I could almost hear my ankles cracking but I paid no mind. Before I rushed out of the house, I grabbed a piece of bread from the kitchen. Dad is there reading a newspaper while drinking his usual black, instant coffee.

"I'll be off, dad!" I waved at him and he only gave me a nod.

Maybe mom's outside watering her plants. I hurried over and bid her goodbye by kissing her cheek. "Bye, mom!"

"Run along now. You don't want to be late!" She giggles as she pushed me to the direction of the company.

I waved at her one last time before sprinting to the huge building a few blocks away from home. The only thing that eased me up a bit is the fact that the company is a walking distance. I won't be needing to squeeze in full-packed public transportations.

With that said, I managed to arrive in my new office which is the small one next to the CEO's. The information desk informed me about it yesterday before I totally left the building. She really called out to me. 'What a kind woman.'

I neatly fixed my things on the table, making sure that everything's in place. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, fixing myself up a bit. I don't want him to mock my appearance again.

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"Looking good, Simonne," I complimented myself because I know that no one will except for my parents, of course, and my dumb sister whenever she asks for money or a favor.

With a wide smile on my face, I plopped down to my swivel chair, swaying it side to side as I traveled my gaze all over my office. I admired and engulfed the scenery that I'll be seeing every day.

After a whole 5 minutes, I grabbed the black clipboard containing Mr. Hisashi's schedule and started to jot down notes in my planner. It helps in familiarizing everything and it's also a lot cleaner and organized, unlike the schedule he gave me which looks like it had been written under pressure.

His schedule isn't that packed today. He only has a meeting in the afternoon with the board of trustees and then that's basically it.

'How lax,' I thought to myself.

It's no use in dwelling with other people's work. An hour prior to the meeting, I have to prepare the conference room and get the presentation for the report ready. I'll be drowning myself in other work while I wait for 2:00 PM.

I gave myself a pat in the back before stretching my arms and back as I prepare to work my butt off. Anyone who would've seen me will think that I was preparing for some kind of sport.

"Let's go, Monmon!"


By 1:45 PM, I had finished everything a lot earlier than expected. The room was checked by me in every nook and cranny, and I ensured that the meeting will go smoothly as planned. Today is my first day as a secret and my first conference with the other heads in the company, so double-checking must be done thoroughly.

Most of the directors have arrived, and they looked more friendly than what they appeared in the paper that contained their information. It was already 2:30 PM when everyone had gathered inside the conference room.

Some were chitchatting among themselves, some were fiddling with their phones, and some were half-asleep. The clock struck 3 yet no trace of Mr. Hisashi is found. I'm not supposed to allow the start of this meeting without him, can't I? I'm just a secretary after all.

But, they started to grow impatient, and I just couldn't leave things be.

"Where's Mr. Hisashi? He's usually not late."

"How dare he make us wait? I still have important matters to attend to."

"He should've been here before we've arrived."

I couldn't do anything to stop them from complaining too hard nor I can't say anything to reassure them. No, I can't leave it like this! The first impression always lasts! I have to do something quickly.

"Secretary Ainsely, right? Where's the CEO?" Amaya Cho spoke. He is the vice president of production and looks like a middle-aged man instead of a 40-year-old.

I managed to muster a smile before answering him. "I believe he's still in his office, Sir Cho."

"Why don't you check his office then?"

I had to fight the urge to slap his face, hard. He looked irritated and impatient, it's annoying. But, I have to remain composed. "He told me specifically not to go to his office from one to three in the afternoon."

"It's already past 3! How long must we wait? I still have a golf game to attend-I mean, important matters."

'Hey, did this shit just said golf game?' I change my mind. They're exactly the same as what is written in the paper.

I took a deep breath to fortify my mental state. "I apologize, sir. I am new and still adjusting to this line of work," I smiled apologetically. "If you'll excuse me, I'll go and get Mr. Hisashi."

They only gave me a nod, not even sparing a glance at me as if I'm not worthy of even the slightest of their attention. Honestly, it irritated me a bit but I had to hold back. And so with a frown written all over my place, I marched to the CEO's office.

That Adiel Hisashi, I'm going to whoop his ass for putting me in such an unpleasant situation! Just he wait!

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