Spitfire By: Marisa WyattSpitfire By: Marisa Wyatt

Spitfire By: Marisa Wyatt

by Nolimit_Life

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What does spitfire mean? Short tempered. That's exactly what Olivia Martinez is. She is short tempered, and stubborn. Then, she meets the sons of her father's shady Italian business partner, Luca Amatucci. Mateo Moretti is the playboy. Giovanni Moretti is the troublemaker. Ezekiel Moretti is the sweetheart. Lucas Moretti is the cold psychopathic one. Then there's her best friend. Ricci Pérez. He's the type of person you love no matter what he does, and Olivia has known him her whole life. Longer than she's known her mother, who abandoned her and her father when she was 7, and is now back.

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