Spirit Realm: The Devil's Path
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Spirit Realm: The Devil's Path


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What is Spirit Realm: The Devil's Path

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Spirit Realm, the world full of mystical energy. That is the name of this strange world which is home to many, many creatures. It is also a new home for one young man from Earth, who forged a contract with fate and reincarnated here. The world where various races reside—be it Dragons, Demons, Angels, Monsters... Nothing should be strange or unexpected in this world. Asura, a curious fella from Earth, came to this world with the help of fate—to the world from his dreams. Ever since he read the first fantasy book, it was his wish to come in a world like that. However, he is no mere visitor in this world—for in his new life, he is a being that represents disorder. He is a Devil - the only one of his kind. His soul was summoned by occultists while they were tinkering with the forbidden knowledge, giving him a chance to meet his lifelong partner - a little girl by the name of Xia. Their journey will be long, hard at times and fun at others, but as long as they are with each other, nothing is impossible. The new Demon King has been born, bearing the mysterious power nobody came in contact with before him. Just for possessing this power, a bunch of deities had cast their curse on him—that is how terrifying this power is. Let us witness the legend these two will make - their journey on The Devil's Path. /— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —\ The cover image doesn't belong to me, Character: Lu - Elsword \— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —/

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Hello there! Author here to rate this as a 5-star masterpiece, what else? Anyways, this work is inspired and has a lot of influence from various martial arts novels that I've read in the past (one could say I have the 'mastery' of reading those novels, as for writing... that's another story). The novel follows a pair of six-year-old children (as of now) as they walk The Devil's Path through the strange world. The rules of this world will vary from those we, as humans, know—therefore, don't be surprised when you come across something like that. Another thing - the novel will be VERY visually descriptive, including fighting scenes, adult scenes and everything of importance that happens. Many things will be unfamiliar as you first come across them, but worry not if you don't understand something - it will surely be explained in the future chapters. If you're temporarily confused, that's how protagonist feels in reality as well so, you get a first-hand reading experience ;) Although the novel has a harem tag, don't expect it to be any shallow gathering of women, that's not the direction I intend to go in. The novel will be very relationship-building focused (friends, family, harem members, etc). If you have any doubts, ideas, suggestions - I await for your arrival in the comments section. Don't be shy to drop a review if you like the novel - it will help tremendously with every review it receives. Wish you happy reading! All the best (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


The book stands at 18 chapters at the time of this review. The pacing is decent, which is a fortunate surprise as many works adopting the themes of Xianxia, Wuxia etc., fail quite often at it. It doesn't feel rushed either as there is a fair amount of description. Though it is too early to say anything for sure, it's been off to a promising start. I hope that the author picks it up again as he hasn't published a new chapter in a while.


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