1 Death To All Who Ally With Spirits

Where are you a man voice says a giggle is heard from around a corner the man turns his head to see ears pecking up from a bush gotcha the man says as he picks up a fox boy how long did it take you this time a fox woman says about 5 minutes the man says no it didn't dad it took you an hour to find me the boy says no it didn't dad says the woman giggles tell him mom he sucks at hid and seek the boy says.I do not suck dad says come on london its dinner time mom says as she walks back inside london rushes his way into the house.

(1 hour later)

Dad is carrying london to his bed and lays him down goodnight my little fox mom says dad shuts the door moments later london hears a noise making him wake up london gets up and goes and sees what's going on.He sees his dad on the ground struggling to get up and his mom being held by her neck by a guy with purple eyes who then look at him and tosses his mom.Run london!Run! dad screams london dashes away into the forest you married and had a kid with a spirit you should know the consequences the man says as purple aura forms around his hands i wont let you lay a hand on my son you monster! dad says as both dad and the man launch at each other.

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