1 Sacrifice and Regression

In a corner of the Elf Cosmic Realm, several bodies floated lifelessly in space. They mixed in with the shattered debris of spaceships and planets. In the center of the destruction, several people were fighting grotesque aliens. Each of their strikes caused space to warp and twist. They were the masters of the cosmos and when they clashed, the stars shuddered.

My consciousness flickered back and forth. There was nothing I could do to help them fight anymore. I had discovered the enemy's weakness, but at the cost of a major backlash from my God Art.

I slowly floated away on a piece of shattered rock. My spirit sense sent me real time information about the battle, but it didn't look good. Lu Ze had placed me here when I collapsed and even put a powerful barrier to protect me. If only I was stronger, then my sisters wouldn't have…

While I cried, the battle was coming to a close. The shockwaves were weakening and the frequency between clashes was decreasing. A bright light washed over the battlefield and time seemed to freeze. The milky white light poured over me and I could feel my body recovering, but it wasn't enough to counter the damage.

"Big Sister Lin Ling!" A familiar voice called out to me.

"Y…Ying Ying?" I replied meekly.

"This is all my fault." Ying Ying started crying. "If only I never left. I could have stopped this…"

"Ying Ying, don't. You aren't their opponent. Ze sent you away to protect you as thanks for protecting humanity. This isn't your fight. We were too arrogant… it's our own fault." I was somehow able to muster those words as I felt the last bit of life leaving me.

"… Big sister, I've decided. This time, I won't be able to eat good food and play with you, Lu Ze, and the others." Ying Ying's body started to fall apart into starlight as her eyes glowed.

"Don't! Help Ze, forget about me. Take him away from here! He can get revenge for us." I begged.

"Lin Ling, you're the only one that can help Lu Ze. I can't let the rest of you die and only save him. I… I had a lot of fun with all of you." The tears flowed uncontrollably. The starlight covered my body completely and Ying Ying disappeared.

"Noo!" I screamed in defiance, but as the last spark of life left me, all I saw was blackness.

My eyes jerked open and I started screaming and crying. My eyes throbbed in pain and my heart trembled in sadness. A gust of wind pushed into the room and a pair of thin, weak arms held me. The smell was very familiar, but the trauma I was experiencing didn't allow me to figure out what it was.

"Ling, what is it? Are you having a backlash? That can't be, you already stabilized my origin power!" A familiar voice called out to me. A warm current of chi flowed into my body and I started to calm down. "There isn't a problem with your body… Ling, talk to me."

"Gr… Great-grandpa? Is that really you?" I didn't dare hope. Is this all a dream at the last moment of consciousness?

"Ling, it's your great-grandpa. Please tell me what's wrong so I can help you!" He said with a worried tone. I opened my eyes and looked at his worried expression.

'I don't care if this is a dream, don't let it end!'

We hugged for a long time while I cried out all of my sadness. I was able to finally calm down when I realized something. If this was the afterlife, then Lu Ze and my sisters were certainly here!

"I'm okay now Great-grandpa."

"Phew, that's good. You nearly scared me to death. There's only five more days until you enter school, do you need more time to digest your heritage?"

What? School?

Suddenly, a large amount of chi flowed into my body and I immediately started cultivating. However, when I tried to move chi around, it was extremely sluggish and weak. I realized that my body was only at the primary Aperture Opening State. Even my perfect spirit body was gone!

The sudden influx of chi went straight to my eyes and began to evolve my Spirit Eyes God Art. I realized that the chi was responding to my power naturally. The strength of my God Art was abysmal. It wasn't even a hundredth of the strength at my peak.

I instinctively attempted to activate my various God Arts that I gained from Lu Ze, but I couldn't feel any of them. My Spirit Eyes improved to the maximum they could go with this weak body and the remaining chi was mobilized to open my apertures.

I felt the origin power from great-grandpa flaring and drawing in more and more chi. In the original timeline, after Lu Ze started feeding me orbs and Great-grandpa's wound was healed, I gave him back his origin power. However, now that I have it again, my knowledge and mental strength is able to easily make use of it.

30 apertures…


90 apertures! The origin power calmed down once more and the chi around me stopped flowing into my body. My mental energy was almost exhausted forcibly evolving my Spirit Eyes and pushing my body to open so many apertures. This rapid increase in cultivation was likely due to the vast difference between my mental strength and my cultivation.

After experiencing all of that, my assumptions were confirmed. I have traveled back in time. Ying Ying sacrificed herself to bend space-time to send me back. But why me?

"Ling! You're finished."

"Great-grandpa, how long was I cultivating just then?"

"It's only four days, don't worry, if you leave now, you can make it in time."

"Thank you, great-grandpa! I want to leave right away. I'll visit you as soon as possible!"

Although I wanted to stay with great-grandpa longer, I also wanted to see Lu Ze. Tomorrow is the last day of the entrance exam, and if I remember correctly, I promise Ze I would surpass him. Last time, he cheated and got way ahead of me. However, this big sister will give him a good beating to make up for all the times he bullied me!

"Ling, you're smiling so much. Are you perhaps thinking of that Lu Ze? Hehe, originally, I didn't want you two together, but that lad is humanities hope. He reminds me of me when I was his age! So handsome and a cultivation prodigy."

How shameless could this old man be!

"O-of course not, I'm leaving now!" My face turned red as I thought about all the times Ze and I slept together. Although it's been a long time, I still remember everything vividly. This was the benefit of cultivating mental strength.

The starship was already waiting for me since I booked the flight back to the Dawn system. As I boarded, the ship entered a warp tunnel and made its way to Federal University.

"I'm really back… I need to organize my thoughts."

Lu Ze was extremely weak right now, but he would quickly grow. Because of how his God Art worked, he would never slow down his cultivation speed. However, that speed was still too slow. Looking back, if only we had prevented some of the major events, then we may not have been forced to extinction.

In order to change things this time, Lu Ze needs to grow faster. I could use my future knowledge, but in reality, my strength was directly tied with his. I relied on his God Art to cultivate. This time, I will help him earlier so that we can get stronger, faster!

'That means Ze and I will have to… Even though we were married before, it's still embarrassing to take initiative. Ze was really insufferable around this time period.'

Around this time, the two of us have already gone through a lot together. Because I was extremely proud, I kept being at odds with Lu Ze, always trying to surpass him. This is why we weren't able to be honest about our feelings until us five sisters gathered together and started competing for his attention. Well, his dumb and immature personality didn't help.

'Sorry sister Jing, this time, I'll be his first…' The blush spread across my cheeks so I sat down and started absorbing chi to calm the perverted thoughts.

Cultivate, cultivate!

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