Reviews of Spirit Eyes Regressor (Pocket Hunting Dimension)


Spirit Eyes Regressor (Pocket Hunting Dimension)


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Please don't crucify me, my loyal readers, I am not dropping my original novel. I am not distracted by this story and therefore decrease the release rate. It is very easy to write a fanfiction where all the characters and world building is done. I am simply practicing my writing and exploring a different type of perspective. That being said, this FanFic comes from a place of frustration with the original release. I hope you found it annoying as well and think this is a good angle. I'm not staying 100% to the original since this is a regressor that changes history quickly.


I was pretty disapointed, when I didn't find any decent pocket hunting ffs. This one is realy good but a bit short. The good thing is that the author wrotw up to the point where we can pretty much predict how its going to go. I like both this and the imposter Story. Keep up the good work.


I love the story. I hope pick it back up. I know i was for heart break when i saw 3M on the last update, but I couldn’t help but to be curious.