Spirit Agency: In The Beginning Of Journey

Author: FloreLight
Fantasy Romance
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What is Spirit Agency: In The Beginning Of Journey

Read ‘Spirit Agency: In The Beginning Of Journey’ Online for Free, written by the author FloreLight, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering COMEDY Fiction, MAGIC Light Novel, MYSTERY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Florence Elliot is a girl who was born as an orphan and raised by old ex hunter Zack; she never has friends because she ...


Florence Elliot is a girl who was born as an orphan and raised by old ex hunter Zack; she never has friends because she lives on the wood with Zack. The hunter itself sometimes pities her because she won't have any cheerful childhood like others if she continues living with him. Until one, Casadia Town has an event for teens with good physical and magic to fight with each person in the event to get a free sponsor to enter Academy Enchantia. Only one top academy on earth; all genius and strong creatures learn magic and fighting skills here. Florence never dreams of learning at the academy, but he knows Zack asks her to join this event to let her have an everyday life like usual teenagers do. Learn something new in school and do what they like. For her, the event that Zack recommended her to take part in was easy, but the problem is she is still not good in control her strength. Everything goes smooth until she reaches the final round which she needs to fight one male who is half human-wolf breed. What happens to her in the fight?

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Lotje369 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
21 Chs


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