1 Let's Get a Divorce

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It was extraordinarily chilly outside.

Shannon Zanders tugged at her sleeping robe nervously, her tiny face flushed. Beneath her robe, she was wearing a set of sexy lingerie that she had purchased online. This was the second time she had worn something like this. The first time was a week ago.

Recently, her husband had suddenly become cold towards her, so she thought of this method.

She could still remember the way Max Wenley looked at her that night a week ago. He was unusually rough and passionate.

However, Max did not return home after that.

Since he came back today, Shannon decided to seduce her husband once more.

She pushed the door of the study room open. As expected, she saw the man working behind the desk.

Max Wenley's corporation was involved in several major industries, including real estate, entertainment, jewelry, and luxury goods. The entire city's economy was practically in his hands, and he was a well-known figure in New Jersey.

That was why she was so worried about losing him, and tried all means possible to hold on to him. Only when she was hugged tightly by the man would she feel that the moment was real.

"You're still working so late at night?"

Shannon went forward gently and placed a cup of coffee beside the man's hand. She was so nervous that her fingers were trembling slightly, and she didn't notice the man's unusually cold gaze.

She bore with her shyness and undid the straps of her robe. The robe slid off with a thud, but the words that followed struck her like lightning.

"Let's get a divorce."

Shannon's face immediately paled. She was dressed skimpily, and she stood almost naked in front of the man, but there wasn't any ripple of emotion in his eyes.

His expression, as though he was looking at a stranger, made Shannon's face burn. She forcefully restrained the panic in her heart as she called out to him, "Hubby…"

The man did not respond. Instead, he turned around and took out a document from the drawer, then pushed it in front of her.

'Divorce Agreement.'

When Shannon saw those words, her body trembled for a moment and her face turned pale.

He had ultimately made this decision…

Actually, Shannon had long known that Max was in love with someone else.

Once, he had hugged her when he was drunk, but he was calling another woman's name.


This matter was like a thorn stuck firmly in Shannon's throat, unable to be removed, yet unable to be digested too.

However, after they got married, Max had treated her extremely well. He would agree to everything she asked for, and often brought her out on dates. No matter how busy he was, he would still accompany her every night. Her marriage was what others would describe as a loving marriage.

She thought that once she had the title of his wife, she would be the one for him for the rest of his life, but he was saying such cruel words when she was filled with bashfulness.

"Di… Divorce?"

As Shannon mumbled, her eyes lost their focus. She was starting to panic.

The man frowned. He seemed to dislike how she was acting. He leaned back in his chair and lit a cigarette. Shrouded in smoke, Shannon couldn't see his face clearly anymore.

"Mm." It was a simple sound of acknowledgement, just like his usual decisive style.

Shannon's voice was trembling, but she still managed to ask, "Why?"

Max paused. Then, he took a drag on his cigarette, his tone especially frigid. "She's back."

This reason made Shannon's already pale face turn even paler.

The reason was so straightforward that she did not know how to refute it.

Actually, what right did she have to keep this man? She had never been good enough for him, and she knew it. She was just immersed in that tenderness and lying to herself.

The disparity between their identities had always subconsciously reminded her that once the man called a halt to their relationship, everything would fall apart.

Shannon's tears blurred her vision, and she could no longer see the man's face clearly, but she could vaguely feel his indifferent gaze on her.

She did not have the courage to question him. Her nails dug into her palms as she said slowly, "Alright, let's get a divorce."

Reluctant as she was, he had never loved her.

The next day, Shannon waited in the villa. She wanted to take another look at Max, even if she had to use the signing of the divorce agreement as an excuse.

However, she never expected him to bring that woman home so quickly.

The door of the villa was pushed open. Shannon hurriedly stood up, but before the joy in her eyes could surface, she spotted the woman, who was holding onto him tightly.

Dressed in a custom-made suit, Max's aura was as cold as ever, but one could clearly feel a hint of tenderness when he looked at the woman beside him.

Shannon's fingers trembled slightly. She did not remain standing, and simply sat quietly on the sofa.

The woman was wearing a lilac dress and a pair of white heels; her innocent face was full of smiles.

Perhaps it was because she had been immersed in her current lifestyle for a long time, Shannon recognized the luxury brands on the woman at a glance. Her entire outfit was almost five million dollars. That was money that she would probably not be able to earn in her entire lifetime.

The light in her eyes faded.

Perhaps only a woman who was as aristocratic as Max could match up to him, while Shannon herself was just an ugly duckling.

The man's nonchalant gaze swept past Shannon as he sat down on the sofa opposite her.

"Max, this is my first time at your house. Aren't you going to pour me a drink?" The woman glanced at Shannon, her tone somewhat coquettish.

Hearing her assuming voice, Shannon lowered her head even more.

She had never dared to speak to Max like this.

In an unprecedented moment, Max really stood up to get her a drink.

In an instant, the blood drained from Shannon's face.

This was the difference between night and day.

After confirming that Max had left, the woman said leisurely, "I'm Janice Yard."

The name 'Janice' buzzed in Shannon's head like thunder on a sunny day. Janice. That was the name he had called out when he was drunk and hugging her.

Shannon's hands, which were on her knees, clenched up tightly, and her face was slightly pale. "Hello."

Janice curled her lips, her gaze filled with pity. "I know this is a little unfair to you, but as you can see, the person whom Max has always loved is me. It's just that when I wasn't around previously, he… was a little lonely. But now, I'm back…"

"Miss Yard, you don't have to say anything else." Shannon interrupted her with a smile.

She didn't want the last shred of her dignity to be trampled on viciously by others.

When Janice was interrupted, she assumed that Shannon was unwilling to let go of Max easily. Her pretty features frowned slightly, and just as she was about to speak again, she heard Max's footsteps, so she held her tongue.

Max placed the glass on the coffee table. He didn't say anything, and his expression was even the same as the one he usually had, but Janice understood him and could sense his displeasure.

She was upset. "Feed me."

She sounded almost like she was ordering him. Shannon raised her head in surprise, then looked subconsciously at Max.

The atmosphere was somewhat still.

The man's dark eyes were deep, and he sat elegantly on the sofa.

Shannon knew that it was meaningless, but she couldn't help but feel a hint of anticipation.

How could a man like Max, who was born into an aristocratic family, allow a woman to treat him this way? He had never liked insensible women.

Yet, a few seconds later, he leaned forward and brought the glass of water to the corner of Janice's mouth.

The blood drained from Shannon's face. She lowered her head in a panic, unwilling to look anymore.

It turned out that it was only her who was unworthy.

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