1 Spells / Rituals

Knot magic

For this spell you will need a red or pink candle

and a red string or cord. Also, attractive incense

to burn. Light the candle and take the red string

in your hand. Make a knet and say

On behalf of__(Venus, Aphrodite, or Erzulie).

Let the (Name of person) fall passionately in

love with me. still making the knot say: May the

lips of ... (name of man) long for me. You make

another knot, and say: May ...(name of person)

heart be inflamed for me

After this you can proceed and the words can

be chosen at will. With this spell you should tie

seven knots and the string should be placed

under you pillow. The remains of the candle need

to be thrown in to a river, lake or stream.


-You will need: a red pen.

piece of paper.

plate any kind.


put names on the blank spots, say this prayer:

Spirits of love and romance hear my prayer.

The----- and I ----- enjoy a night of love and

romance let the feeling of this night astonish us

both as were the only people in the world. let this

night be umforgettable for days,it all we could

think about

so bless it be!!!

write the player on the piece of paper with the

red pen and after saying the 3 player times burn

the piece of paper on the plate and say i burn

this spell to seal it. discard of the bathroom .


Want to find your Love Just Chant this.

The love of my life is close to me,

I need to know the turth.

May the love of my life show me,

My true love is calling me,

Out love is Strong its stronger then three.

Come to me, Come to me, Come to me,


This spell must be worked under a full moon.

You will need: Red Rose petals.

Vanilla extract (about 1 tablespoon).

3 pinches of Nutmeg.

1 pinch of Rosemary.

and 2 cups of Fresh Water.

Mix all the ingredienst together in a bowl and

chant the following rhyme:

With this offering I do ask That you aid me in

this blessed task What was many times broken

must now be strong Bring me a love that can't

go wrong Heal my heart and heal his too Bring

me a love that is so true As mix these elements

in this bowl Bring my love to me and make us

whole. Now throw the ingredients into the air

towards the moon.


You will need a pink candle and a piece of blue


Light the candle and think about a precious

moment spent with your loved one.

write their name 3 times on the piece of

paper then what you really want to happen.

You must keep the paper close to you (touching)

for 3 days, on the 3rd day you must put the paper

into flowing water.

Then be patient!!


For this spell, all you will need is a piece of twine

and a clear mind. It is enhanced by being worked

under a new moon, but can be done anytime.

Cross two of your fingers and wrap the twine

around them, chant the following rhyme.

Venus, Goddess of love divine.

I make this wish with fingers entwined.

Give me a love that I adore.

Be he handsome, plain, rich of poor.

With this twine I do empower.

Please start this spell within the hour.

Bring me a love so pure and true.

So I can start my life anew.

Take the twine off your fingers and bury it either

in the garden, or in a pot of soil. plant some

flowers above it and look after them well - this is

your offering to Venus.