1 Prologue

Witches and Sorceresses, Sorceresses, a woman thought to have magic powers were born in different parts of the world and formed a sisterhood, bringing under their influence. They are powerful and magic exists for them. Indeed, the witch represents the dark side of the female presence.

My name is Thana and I belong to the family of witches, yes we all exist. We are living in Zalla or other called the town of witches, it's a town located in the province of Biscay, in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, Northern Spain. My younger days began in this town.

I grew up in the care of the witches, my mother, my aunt and grandmother came from the race of witches. I grew up where magic is my world, my life and my grandmother always says to me that I should be proud of my existence, I am different from the others and soon all the power and magic will suddenly emerge in my personality.

On that day I didn't understand what my Grandmother wanted to say to me. My mother said I would fully understand if I reached the right age. But there is always a question in my mind, why I am not allowed to mingle and talk to the other kids like me, as my Grandmother always says I am different from them, I am special and the magic is living in me.

But, as the years go by my family thinks about moving to the other city and my mother convinces my Grandmother.

Until I reached the age of ten my family moved to another city to start a new life. My mother said that I need to go to school to learn that she never used to do when she was a child, she convinces my Grandmother to move to the other city but, in one condition that i keep myself distance to the people, to the other kids like me, the mortal as like my grandmother called them.

As I grew up, there were so many questions that I kept asking myself why I should not talk to the other kids like me. I wanted to make friends with them but my grandmother doesn't allow it.

Time flies too fast. I survived for so many years being alone and I kept myself distance from the others until I got used to it. I have nothing to do with anything but my grandmother, my mother and my aunt and that's how my life has gone on as the days and years passed by.

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